Prepare SAP Hybris Sales (SAP C4C) For Riva

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Note for Riva Cloud:
  • A new Riva connection to this CRM is no longer configurable in the Riva Cloud UI. For a new Riva connection, contact the Riva Success Team.
  • An existing Riva connection with this CRM is still available for editing on the Dashboard.

The article applies to

  • Riva Cloud.
  • Riva On-Premise.

Data synchronization (sync) of SAP Hybris Sales (SAP C4C) is supported in many different scenarios including mailbox sync.

To prepare SAP Hybris Sales (SAP C4C) for Riva Cloud or Riva On-Premise:

  1. Meet the SAP Hybris Sales requirements.
  2. Confirm network communication.
  3. Create an SAP Hybris Sales service agent.
  4. Configure SAP Hybris Sales communication arrangements.
  5. Prepare for custom field mapping.
  6. Prepare the users who are to be synced.
  7. Gather information for the Riva CRM connection.

Step 1: Meet the SAP Hybris Sales Requirements

  1. Ensure that the version of SAP Hybris Sales (SAP C4C) that is configured includes HOT FIX COLLECTION 5 (HFC5) — a patch that includes a fix that SAP recognized was required for Riva to communicate successfully with the SAP C4C.

  2. Ensure that the following services are enabled: For Query Business Partners and Manage Attachment.

Step 2: Confirm Network Communication

Confirm the tenant URL, and confirm access to the tenant from the environment that the sync will take place from.

Step 3: Create an SAP Hybris Sales Service Agent

In SAP Hybris Sales, create a service agent that will be used by the communication arrangement configuration and by the sync to authenticate with SAP Hybris Sales. Once the service agent is created, you will want to select "request user" and create the business user used for syncing. Ensure the business user has admin roles added.

Example ID for business user: _RIVASYNC

Step 4: Configure SAP Hybris Sales Communication Arrangements

Add the following communication arrangements to the SAP Hybris Sales environment for the Service Agent that was provisioned for this purpose.

To configure SAP Hybris Sales communication arrangements:

  1. Create an Active Communication System:
    • Id: RIVA_COMM
    • Host Name: RIVA
    • System Access Type: Internet
    • System Instance Id: RIVA
    • Preferred Application Protocol: 5 - Web Service
  2. Add communication arrangements to the newly created communication system. For each communication arrangement, use the following settings:
    • Scenario: Select a scenario as per the table.
    • Business Data: Define it as
      • System Instance ID (same as the communication system): RIVA
    • Technical Data: Define them as:
      • Communication Method: Direct Connection
      • Inbound Communication Enabled: Checked
      • Application Protocol: Web Service
      • Authentication Method: User ID and Password
      • User ID: Automatically selected.
# Modules SAP Service Communication End Point
1 Accounts Query Accounts /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/querycustomerin1
2   Manage Accounts /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/managecustomerin1
3 Appointment Query Appointment Activities /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/queryappointmentactivityin
4   Manage Appointment Activities /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/manageappointmentactivityin1
5 Contacts Query Contacts /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/querycontactin
6   Manage Contacts /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/managecontactin
7 E-Mail Query E-Mail Activities /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/queryemailactivityin
8   Manage E-Mail Activities /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/manageemailactivityin1
9 Leads Query Leads /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/querymarketingleadin
10   Manage Leads /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/managemarketingleadin
11 Opportunity Query Opportunities /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/queryopportunityin2
12   Manage Opportunities /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/manageopportunityin3
13 Phone Call Query Phone Call Activities /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/queryphonecallactivityin
14   Manage Phone Call Activities /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/managephonecallactivityin1
15 Task Query Task Activities /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/querytaskactivityin
16   Manage Task Activities /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/managetaskactivityin
17 Tickets Query Tickets /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/queryservicerequestin
18   Manage Tickets /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/manageservicerequestin1
19   Query Code Lists /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/querycodelistin
20   Query Business Partners /sap/bc/srt/scs/sap/businesspartnerdatamanagement1


This is what the configuration will look like:

Comm-system-overview-KB-1204 (3).png

Step 5: Prepare for Custom Field Mapping

Prepare for custom field mapping.

Step 6: Prepare the Users Who Are to Be Synced

Ensure that the primary email address value for the syncing user account matches the Primary SMTP Reply-to value assigned to the user's corresponding email account. For example, "" is the same in both the CRM and email systems. Ensure that for each user, the email address values from the email system and the corresponding CRM user are identical.

The Riva connection to SAP Hybris Sales uses the Enterprise Impersonation Model: When Riva creates new items in the CRM, it assigns ownership to the syncing user. Since Riva is now acting on behalf of the syncing user, all audit fields in the CRM record the syncing user as the user who created and modified the item. Riva uses the permissions of the CRM syncing user to create and modify items and data in the CRM.

If the access permissions defined for the syncing user are not sufficient, the Riva server displays Access denied errors for each data change it tries to sync. Ensure that for each syncing user, permissions are assigned to create, modify, delete, import, and export data types that Riva will attempt to sync for that user.

Step 7: Gather Information for the CRM Connection

Gather the following information for the CRM connection:

  • User name: Confirm the user name for the SAP service account that this connection will use.
  • Password
  • Primary Email Address: Confirm the primary email address for the SAP service account that this connection will use.
  • Address: Confirm the URL of the SAP Hybris Sales (SAP C4C) subscription.

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