NetSuite Connection Option: Enable Private Appointment Handling

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Applies to Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise.

How Riva Syncs Appointments from NetSuite

Riva uses “Standard” impersonation with NetSuite. This means that Riva uses the permissions of the connection user (for example, rivasvc) to sync NetSuite data for a target user (for example, Ian Sample). A limitation embedded in NetSuite prevents one user from amending another user’s appointment, if "Event Access" for that appointment is not set to “Public”. This limitation even applies to users that are assigned to system administrator roles, unless such a user is the connection user. When Riva attempts to sync another user's appointment that is not "Public", Riva is denied access, because the connection user (unless it is an administrator) does not have the permissions of the assigned user.

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This NetSuite access limitation affects how Riva can sync NetSuite appointments:

  • IF the Riva connection user is the impersonation user: Riva is syncing data for the connection user. (This is common with smaller NetSuite environments where the credentials of an admin user are used for the Riva connection and that same admin user is also listed as a target user in the sync policy.) Riva can sync all appointments regardless of the "Event Access" setting.

  • IF the Riva connection user is impersonating other users: This is the usual condition. Riva handles appointments in the following manner:

    • IF "Event Access" = "Public": Riva syncs new and modified appointments from NetSuite to Exchange.

    • IF "Event Access" = "Private" or "Show as Busy": Riva is denied access to the user's appointment in NetSuite and does not sync new or modified appointments to Exchange.

Connection Option: Enable Private Appointment Synchronization

This section applies to NetSuite versions earlier than 2013.

For NetSuite 2013 and higher, see Sync private events from NetSuite 2013 or higher:

(If the connection user is the NetSuite administrator, this option is not necessary; because it is only when the connection user is not the administrator that Riva encounters permission issues to read Show as Busy and Private calendar items.)

Implementation for Riva Cloud

Implementation for Riva On-Premise

Riva On-Premise 2.4.32 added a connection option to handle "Private" and "Show as Busy" NetSuite appointment syncing. After the option has been selected and applied, Riva tries an alternate method to access the "Private" or "Show as Busy" appointments.

WARNING: Even when this option is selected, Riva might not be able to sync "Private" or "Show as Busy" NetSuite appointments to Exchange.

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  1. Start the Riva Manager application. On the menu bar, select Setup.

  2. In the right pane, double-click the NetSuite connection to open the CRM Connection Edit window.

  3. On the Options page, select the Enable NonPublic Appointment Sync check box.

  4. Save the NetSuite connection.

  5. To apply this change, do one of the following to restart the CRM Agent service:

    • In the CRM Monitor application, select Restart; or

    • In Windows services, restart Omni Riva (CRM Agent for Exchange) or, for GroupWise, Omni Riva (CRM Agent).

Applies to

  • Riva Cloud for NetSuite for Exchange and GroupWise.
  • Riva On-Premise 2.4.32 or higher for NetSuite for Exchange and GroupWise.

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