NetSuite: "Lists ->" Permission Errors

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Riva Cloud or Riva On-Premise may fail to sync to target users and report an error in the CRM Monitor or in sync logs similar to this sample:

(Exchange > CRM) Synchronizing Contacts
The user does not hold the necessary privileges to perform this operation, [CODE=INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSION] Permission Violation:  You need the 'Lists -> Employees' permission to access this page.  Please contact your account administrator.  Please Check User's permission


In "Lists -> [Name]", "[Name]" indicates the list table that the target user needs to access. This error indicates that Riva is unable to access or modify the contacts list assigned to the target user.


Create a role that is configured for "web services only" with sufficient permissions for Riva Cloud or Riva On-Premise to sync. Assign this role to every user. But, because it is a "web services only" role, it is not available to users who use the NetSuite login process. However, this is the role that Riva uses to connect to NetSuite and do the sync operations.

  1. Log in to NetSuite with an administrator user.

  2. Select the Setup tab, navigate to Users/Roles -> Manager Roles -> New, and create a new role called Riva Sync Role (or any other name you prefer).

  3. Assign the List->Employees permission to this role, and check the Web Services Only Role. Save it.


  4. In the Setup tab, navigate to Users/Roles -> Manage Users. Select the user(s) you want Riva to sync. Select the Access tab, and add the newly created role to this user. Save the changes. 

    This user now has two roles (or more). The previous role is the role that is enforced when the user logs into NetSuite. The second role does not apply to a logged-in user; it applies only to an application like Riva that uses web services to communicate with NetSuite. Riva uses this role when connecting to NetSuite and syncing user information.

  5. Select the Setup tab, navigate to Users/Roles, open the roles list, and obtain the new role's internal ID.

  6. Edit the NetSuite connection. Select the Options tab. In the Override Role ID field, set the roleID number. Save the connection.

  7. Restart the sync service.

Applies to

  • Riva Cloud for NetSuite and Exchange or GroupWise.
  • Riva On-Premise for NetSuite and Exchange or GroupWise.

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