User is Unlicensed - Actual License Count Not Exceeded

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After adding a user to a Riva sync policy, the per-user CRM activity log for that user sometimes reports that the user is unlicensed. Checking the assigned users in the sync policy confirms that the total number of users does not exceed the purchased license count.

Sample Error Messages

Entity is not licensed: USERNAME$COMPANY-NAME$COM$WWW$MyCRM$COM<> is unlicensed. A license must be purchased to synchronize.



Riva tracks the user usage count against the license count based on syncing users and retains a tracking record of all users that have been added to the sync policy.

If, over time, users have been added and then removed and new users have been added to the sync policy, the Riva license tracking sometimes reports the license count as exceeded, but Riva does release the license after a short while.


There is a manual way to clear the tracking record so that the correct license count is immediately supplied to the Riva license tracking mechanism.

To clear the license tracking file:

  1. In the Riva Service Monitor application, confirm which accounts report that "this account is unlicensed".

  2. In the Riva Service Monitor, stop the sync service.

  3. If the Riva Manager application is running, exit.

  4. Start Windows Services, and confirm that the Omni Riva service is not running.

  5. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the Riva\Licenses\ folder.

  6. Remove all files ending in .licensees (in RED below).  Do not remove any files ending in .license (in GREEN below).

    Explorer--Riva-Licenses (2).png

  7. Start the Riva Service Monitor application, and start the sync service.

  8. Check each user account that was reported as unlicensed, and confirm that the license error no longer exists.

  9. If the error persists, please contact the Riva Success Team.

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