Error: "Unable to Initialize: Previous Folder ID Does Not Match Current Folder ID"

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The Riva Service Monitor displays this error for a given user:

“Unable to initialize: Previous folder ID does not match current folder ID. A reinitialization is required”


Internally, Riva keeps track of the folder ID for each folder that the initialization sync creates. This is done to ensure that the Riva sync service does not attempt to synchronize different folders between intervals. This process is used to ensure that all synchronized items are checked for changes during each sync cycle. If the folder ID of a target folder does not match the one on record, no data is synced for that user. This prevents creating duplicate data records or ceasing the synchronization of active data.


  • Assume that Riva creates a contact folder named "My CRM" in the Exchange account for a user. After months of syncing, the user accidentally deletes the "My CRM" folder. Then the user notices the "My CRM" folder is missing and renames another folder to "My CRM". In this scenario, we would not want to sync the contents of the renamed "My CRM".

The folder ID tracking illustrated in the example takes place for any folder that Riva manages, including Tasks, Contacts, and SmartConvert. Normally, a re-initialization of the user account by your organization's Riva admin is required to properly correct the problem.


Ensure that you are using Riva 2.4.19 or higher. Those releases include functionality to remove some of the burden from the administrator. Riva detects the folder deletion and processes it as though the administrator had performed a re-initialization of the user account.

If you are unsure of the version that is installed, see Determine which version is installed.

If you need to upgrade from Riva 2.4.18 or earlier, contact the Riva Success Team. After the Success Team upgrades your installation to the latest public release, your organization's Riva administrator will not need to manually set the affected user account for re-initialization. The new release will detect the folder ID mismatch and auto-re-initialize the user account.

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