Riva On-Premise 2023.4 Release Notes (2023.November.17)

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August.23These release notes provide a quick overview of what is new in the following release:

Release version: 2023.4.
Release date: 2023.November.17
Update procedure: How to update Riva
Manual update procedure: How to update Riva from a ZIP file
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What's New in This Release

Microsoft Graph

Riva has been closely following the updates being made for Microsoft Graph and would like to understand your needs to further build and support Graph connection for our customers. 

If this is something that interests you, please reach out to get started. 

  • Minor Bug Fixes
    • Optimized recurring appointment syncing.
      • Adjusted code to better handle recurring appointment sync.
    • Implemented a logging handler to log API requests and responses.
      • Can now enable Graph API logging to assist with troubleshooting.
    • Resolved issue - Unable to initialize: Failed to retrieve Calendar folder.
      • Resolution: Update the code handling this error, and run a re-initialization.
      • Impact: Affected users were unable to sync any calendar items.
    • Resolved issue - Unable to initialize: [Unauthorized] GraphFolderDataProvider.a displayName: Error trying to retrieve RivaConfiguration.
      • Resolution: Updated code to handle the SyncConfiguration when not using the required Graph permissions.
      • Impact: Affected users were unable to sync calendar custom 1 object when Graph user permissions were limited.

New Updates!

  • Salesforce Education Cloud GSuite Support
    • Education Cloud (Formerly SSH) sync support for GSuite
    • Sync support for new "Shift" object, recurring and single item
      • Configuration that works for G-Suite that will synchronize the Education Cloud Shift object to Advising Shift Appointments in G-Suite.
      • The user benefits: User will have the ability to sync the new Shift object
  • Office 365 China Tenant
    • Ability to create an O365 email connection to the Chinese O365 tenant.
      • User benefits: Customers using the Chinese Office 365 tenant can create an O365 connection in Riva and sync.

Bug Fixes

  • Issue: Client Office365 showed the ErrorServerBusy error code when there were more concurrent requests against the server than are allowed by the user's policy. 
    • Resolution: Riva added a new option to use Impersonation when resolving names from the Exchange server. This alleviates the issues of the concurrent request. 
    • Impact: Affected user's sync was delayed for multiple sync cycles.

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