Riva On-Premise 2023.3 Release Notes (2023.August.23)

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August.23These release notes provide a quick overview of what is new in the following release:

Release version: 2023.3.7456
Release date: 2023.July.06
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What's New in This Release

  • Microsoft Graph
    • Minor Bug Fixes
  • New Updates!
    • Optimized handling of Salesforce queries
  • Bug Fixes

Microsoft Graph

  • Riva has been closely following the updates being made for Microsoft Graph and would like to understand your needs to further build and support Graph connection for our customers. 
  • If this is something that interests you, please reach out to get started. 
  • Minor Bug Fixes
    • Resolved poll changes error on emails
    • Resolved issue with previous folder ID conflict
    • Resolved issue with Error in query syntax
    • Resolved issue with Fiddler Trace on connection
    • Optimized the Graph connection to create a flow

New Updates!

  • Salesforce
    • Optimized how Riva handles unassigned queries
    • Improved handling of Salesforce queries

Bug Fixes

  • Issue: Client Office365 showed the ErrorServerBusy error code when there were more concurrent requests against the server than are allowed by the user's policy. 
  • Fix: Riva added a new option to use Impersonation when resolving names from the Exchange server. This helps with the issues of the concurrent request. 

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