Riva On-Premise 2021.4 Release Notes (2021.Oct.29)

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These release notes provide a quick overview of what is new in the following release:

Release version: 2021.4.8.0448
Release date: 2021.Oct.29
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What's New in This Release

New! Updates

Filter out inline attachments of smaller size 

  • Background: Riva already supports filtering out attachments that are bigger than a certain size specified. However, smaller-sized attachments such as signature icons or inline images would still get synced to the CRM, causing an impact to users' efficiency by manually cleaning up these attachments.
  •  Support: We added support to filter out images by minimum size as well. To utilize this option, add Sync.Crm.InlineAttachmentFilter.MinSize= 5000 (Size in kb) to the policy.
    • To configure the maximum size of attachments to sync, add Sync.Crm.AttachmentFilter.MaxSize to the policy.
    • For Riva Cloud customers, please contact support to enable this option. 
  • Applicable with Exchange only.

New! For Salesforce 

Support for Interaction Summaries (FSC)

  • New! With Riva Sync 2021.4 users can utilize Riva Insight Meeting Notes to create structured meeting notes for the Interaction Summaries in FSC right from their Outlook. 
  • While tracking the note, users can also relate the Interaction Summaries with an Account and Opportunity, along with attendees' details.
  • Users can ensure compliance and security are met to protect Interaction Summaries' data, an important aspect of the highly regulated industry, by using Riva’s Configurable Security Layer.
  • For an overview, see Riva Sync support for Interaction and Interaction Summaries (FSC).
  • Interested in Riva's compliance- and security-minded support for Interactions and Interaction Summaries? To get started, contact the Riva Success Team.
  • Applicable with Exchange only.

Impact of SF Winter '22 Release: Enforce OAuth Scope for Lightning Apps

  • Background: Salesforce announced the enforcement of OAuth Scope in their Winter'22 Release Notes. This change applies to Lightning apps, including Lightning Out apps, that use OAuth for authentication in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and custom mobile apps.
  • Update: Riva creates a Connected App for OAuth and not a Lightning app. This enforcement will not impact updating any scopes and will not affect the Salesforce OAuth authentication.

Enhanced email related to multiple contacts

  • Issue: When an enhanced email was synced to multiple contacts, the email message appeared in the activity history for only one contact. However, the EmailMessage was linked to multiple contacts.
  • Solution: We have addressed this issue and now the EmailMessage shows up for all the contacts synced when the following key is added to the Salesforce connection: Crm.Salesforce.EnhancedEmail.ResetTaskRelations=true.
  • Applicable with any mail system.

New! For Goldmine

Filter Exchange Emails originating from the Goldmine email program

  • Background: Syncing users can send emails to CRM contacts from Goldmine which gets logged in the Goldmine Database as well as exist on the Exchange server in the Sent Items folder. 
  • Issue: With automatic processing of the Sent Items folder enabled in Exchange, a duplication issue started as Riva would process the sent folder items and users would create emails from Goldmine.
  • Fix: Riva now skips syncing any email records that are created and sent from Goldmine.
  • To get this configured, contact the Riva Success Team.
  • Applicable with Exchange

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