Riva CRM 2.4.14 (2010.08.18)

  • Updated

In this Release.  This is a maintenance and update release that includes:

  • Exchange:  Added ability in CRM sync policy to specify Category colour.
  • SugarCRM: Ability to specify a field to add as a custom category (only from CRM->Ex) [contact Omni for details]
  • CRM: Added Meeting Alarm/Reminder to all supported CRM
  • CRM: Added "Filter by: All visible" in addition to the current "Filter by: Ownership" for modules that appear on the "Other" tab.
  • MSCRM:  Opportunity can be assigned to Account or Contact.  If no Account is present on the matched Contact, use the Contact as the Customer set on the Opportunity.
  • SmartConvert: Relate to Account if not an AssignTo conversion.  When an email is dropped into the "Create New Email" folder, Riva currently assigns the email to the Contacts. Since the user is not relating the email to a specific case/opportunity/quote, Riva will relate it to the Contacts' Account.
  • SalesLogix: The "Options" tab was added to the SalesLogix connection.
  • SageCRM:  In Sage, phone calls are just meetings, with a phone action.  Filter modified so that all appointment types are synchronized as appointments [CRM > Exchange] to support phone calls as appointments.
  • SugarCRM:  Added support for PHP 5.3.
  • Various maintenance enhancements and fixes.

Recommended Update Procedures: 

  • If you are running Riva 2.3.0 (or higher) you can perform a normal "Check for Updates" procedure.
  • If you are updating from a previous version of Riva, before you update to version 2.3.0 (or higher), delete all of the address books, calendars, and folders Riva had previously created in the users' accounts.  You will also need to either delete your existing Policy and create a new one or re-initialize all users and check ALL of the option tabs and folder names to confirm the new options.  By creating a new policy, you are working with a clean set of data.

Previous Release:   Riva CRM 2.4.12 (2010.06.28)

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