Adding Riva Insight Administrators

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Applies to Riva Insight Server 2018.1 or higher.

Audience: Riva Insight administrators.

Location of files referenced in this KB:

  • Riva Insight Cloud
    • Company Settings > {datacentre}\Insight\{endpoint}\App_Data\Config\{}\CompanySettings.xml
    • Company Setting Template: download here (right-click, 'save as' CompanySettings.xml)
  • Riva Insight On-Premise:
    • App Settings > {Insight Folder}\App_Data\AppSettings.xml

Riva Insight Cloud

How to add Riva Insight Cloud administrators from Riva Cloud

All Riva Cloud Administrators will have Riva Insight Administrative access. Follow the necessary steps in Riva Cloud to make a user a Riva Cloud Administrator.

How to add Riva Insight administrators through configuration

If you want to add a Riva Insight administrator but do not want them to be a Riva Cloud administrator, contact the Riva Success Team.

Riva Insight On-Premise

How to add Riva Insight administrators through configuration

Summary: A Riva Insight administrator is added for Riva Insight On-Premise by editing a configuration file.

To add the additional Administrators:

  1. Open IIS, and stop the server.
  2. Navigate to {Insight Folder}\App_Data\AppSettings.xml.
  3. Open AppSettings.xml, and  add (or update) the "InsightAdmins" key by adding the login emails of each user, separated by commas. Then, save the file.
      <add key="InsightAdmins" value="," />
  4. Restart IIS.

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