Creating Enriched Icons in Riva Insight 2019.5 or Earlier

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Applies to Riva Insight Cloud and Riva Insight On-Premise.
Server version: 2019.5 or earlier.
Outlook Windows add-in: Recommended: Match the Server's and add-in's version, as per the release notes.


Audience: Your company's Riva Insight administrators.

To navigate to the Enrich Icons tab:

  1. At the bottom of Riva Insight, click Riva-Insight-settings (3).png.

  2. In the Settings window that appears, select the Insight Panel tab.

  3. Under CRM Modules, select the appropriate module.

  4. Select the Enrich Icons tab.


To add an Enriched Icon to Riva Insight:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the window, and select Add New Icon. In the window that appears, enter the field name from your CRM.

  2. Select the Display Config tab.

  3. Select the grey button next to Icon, and enter a keyword representing the icon. Select the icon you want to use. In the Label field, enter the label you want to use for your icon.

  4. In the URL field, enter the URL to use for the enriched icon. Ensure that you have the correct syntax in your URL, for creating social networking website search buttons.

    Note: Riva Insight users must be logged in to that social network to use this function correctly.

  5. In the Tooltip field, enter the tooltip you want to use. Example: Search on (example website). Select Save New Icon.

  6. On the Enrich Icons tab, drag and drop the newly created icon into the field you want to display it in. Next to the new icon, select the Summary box, and then select Save.

  7. In the Settings window, select the About tab and choose Reload Settings. Select Close to return to Riva Insight.

  8. At the bottom of Riva Insight, select Reload.

    Result: The new enriched icon is displayed in its appropriate field.

    The icon is now ready to use. The end users can select the icon to open the enriched content.

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