Riva Insight 2022.4 Release Notes

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Server version:
Which version do I have?
Insight Server 2022.4

Client versions:
Which version do I have?

Outlook Web Add-in:
square bullet with no indent to its leftThe Outlook Web Add-in does not have a version.
square bullet with no indent to its leftIt does not need to be updated with every release to take advantage of the Riva Insight Server enhancements.

Outlook Windows Add-in:
square bullet with no indent to its leftGet Windows Add-in version 2022.4
square bullet with no indent to its leftIn order to benefit from Riva Insight's latest enhancements and improvements, we recommend using the same version of Outlook Windows add-in as the Insight Server.
square bullet with no indent to its leftWe do not recommend upgrading the add-in to a version that is higher than the Riva Insight Server, as we cannot guarantee it would be compatible.
Release date: September 15, 2022
Cloud customers: Riva Insight services will be upgraded on 2022-09-15
On-Premise customers: For an upgrade package and to schedule an upgrade, contact the Riva Success Team.
Free-Trial (8).png For a free 15-day trial of Riva Insight Cloud, schedule a consult.



What's New in This Release

 Graph API support with the Riva Insight Outlook Web Add-in

  • Background
    • Microsoft has transitioned to Graph and is no longer investing in EWS APIs for Exchange Online
    • Graph APIs are faster and have lower network usage
  • Requirements
    • Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online)
    • Riva Insight Cloud or Riva Insight On-Premise 2022.4 or later
    • The Riva Insight Outlook Web Add-in from Insight 2022.4 or later (to support Single Sign On)
  • How do I get it?
    • You need to deployed an updated version of the Outlook Web Add-in (2022.4)
    • If your environment supports Graph, Insight will automatically use it, otherwise it will continue to use the EWS API.
    • Refer to Microsoft Graph API support for Riva Insight Web Add-in for more information

Important Notice: Microsoft 365 'Shared Calendar Improvements' conflict with tracking meetings in shared calendars for Outlook Desktop

  • Background
    • For Office365 mailboxes, Microsoft has introduced what it refers to as "Shared Calendar Improvements".
    • Shared Calendar Improvements applies changes to calendar items directly on the server.  The Riva Insight Windows Add-in makes changes to the local Outlook copy of mail items. When an item in a shared calendar is tracked, it creates a conflict has Outlook has a server copy and a client copy of the calendar item, which results in the shared calendar item not being sent when tracked.
  • What do I need to do?
    • If using  "Shared Calendar Improvements" with a Microsoft 365 mailbox and tracking items, you must turn off the Shared Calendar Improvements.
    • If you do not use shared calendars, do not have a Microsoft 365 mailbox, or do not track items that are in shared calendars, no changes are necessary.

Important Notice: REST API support ending for Outlook Web Add-ins

  • Background
    • In November 2020, Microsoft announced they had deprecated support for their REST API.
    • In November 2022, Microsoft will be fully decommissioning their REST API.
    • Riva Insight uses the REST API for the mobile (Android and iOS) Outlook.com App (versions of Outlook Add-in deployed prior to 2022.3).
  • What do I need to do?
    • If your users do not use Riva Insight on mobile, no changes are required.
    • For Insight Cloud:
      • Riva Insight on mobile will use Graph by default starting with Insight Server version 2022.4
    • For Insight On-Premise

Important Notice: Riva Insight is ending support for Internet Explorer

  • Background
    • Microsoft has announced its plans for the End-of-Life of Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and officially ended support on June 15, 2022.
    • As a result:
      • Riva Insight releases in 2023 will no longer support Internet Explorer.
      • Issues related to Internet Explorer 11 will not be resolved.
  • Will my organization be impacted? 
    • Refer to The Internet Explorer era has finally come to an end to determine if your client is using Internet Explorer as the embedded browser, and find out what steps are required to update to a client that uses Microsoft Edge Chromium (WebView2) as the embedded browser.
  • What should I do if I am impacted?
    • Don't wait! Riva strongly encourages that you upgrade your Riva Insight Windows Desktop Add-in (Insight Cloud and On-Premise), and Insight Server (Insight On-Premise) to a version that supports Edge Chromium.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Riva Insight On-Premise
    • Increased logging of the user and session for easier troubleshooting
    • Added support for InProc SessionState and MemoryCache
    • Updated the On-Premise install package to include version 5 of Redis (from version 3)
  • Riva Insight Cloud and On-Premise
    • Updated the Session State provider to be Asynchronous for InProc and Redis Session State providers
    • Updated CRM system Info from user to company cache
  • Windows Add-in
    • The Windows Adding has gone through extensive changes to improve stability and performance

Post-release Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Windows Add-in
    • 2022.4.8.6551 - Upgraded the add-in framework library to version 10.0.4700 to improve rendering on High DPI displays
    • 2022.4.8.6803 - Made adjustments to "Send diagnostic logs" to better align the UI for 4K displays, and no longer require the recipient to enter a password to view the contents.
    • 2022.4.8.6871 - Emails or meetings that are in the past and outside of the sync date range will no longer provide the ability to track (also requires Insight Server 2022.4.8.6946+)
    • 2022.4.8.6873 - The add-in install package will now install the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime if it is missing or is a version lower than 105
    • 2022.4.8.6955 - Addressed a runtime error due to WebView2 not finishing initialization when opening an item or closing Outlook
    • 2022.4.8.7000 - Updated the Microsoft WebView2 SDK to version 1.0.1342.22
    • 2022.4.8.7077 - Addressed an issue where clicking on a room calendar just before tracking caused track to fail
    • 2022.4.8.7266 - Meetings that are in the future and outside of the sync date range will no longer provide the ability to track (also requires Insight Server 2022.4.8.7261+)
    • 2022.4.8.8345 - Improved handling of exceptions
    • 2022.4.8.8578 - Downgraded the add-in framework library to version 9.4.4644 to address a compatibility issue related to some versions Outlook



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