Riva Insight 2021.4: Release Notes

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Server version:
Which version do I have?
Insight Server 2021.4    

Client versions:
Which version do I have?

Outlook Web add-in:
square bullet with no indent to its leftThe Outlook Web Add-in does not have a version.
square bullet with no indent to its leftIt does not need to be updated to take advantage of the Riva Insight Server enhancements.

Outlook Windows add-in:
square bullet with no indent to its leftGet Windows Add-in version 2021.4
square bullet with no indent to its leftIn order to benefit from Riva Insight's latest enhancements and improvements, we recommend using the same version of Outlook Windows add-in as the Insight Server.
square bullet with no indent to its leftWe do not recommend upgrading the add-in to a version that is higher than the Riva Insight Server, as we cannot guarantee it would be compatible.
Release date: November 30, 2021
Cloud customers: Riva Insight services will be upgraded on 2021-12-01.
On-Premise customers: For an upgrade package and to schedule an upgrade, contact the Riva Success Team.
Free-Trial (10).png For a free 15-day trial of Riva Insight Cloud, schedule a consult.


What's New in This Release

Delayed Send

  • According to Entrepreneur.com, for an average office worker, the best date & time to send an email for the highest open rate was mid-week at 10:00 am. With Delayed Send, you can now send the email at the most opportune time.
  • Supported with Riva Insight – Delay send an email while tracking it in CRM at the same time
  • The following delay send options are supported and the timezone is based on the sender's timezone
    • Next Business Morning (10:00 am)
    • End of Day (5:00 pm)
    • Next Week
    • Custom Date/Time (select the exact date and time)
  • The options above are customizable to match your needs
  • To learn more on how to use this feature, view the user guide
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Riva Success Team.

Track and Send for the Outlook Web Add-in

  • Track and Send is back for the Outlook Web Add-in.
  • Now, you can send an email while tracking it to CRM at the same time.

Edge Chromium (WebView2) Support for the Windows Add-in

Important Notice: End of Life for Internet Explorer on Windows

  • Depending the type of Outlook add-in you are using for Riva Insight, you may already be impacted, or will be soon. 
  • As Riva Insight is using services from Microsoft, Office 365, and Salesforce, those companies or platforms have announced that they are ending (or have ended) support for Microsoft Internet Explorer.  This will, as a consequence also end support for Microsoft Internet Explorer with Riva Insight.
  • Refer to The Internet Explorer era has finally come to an end to determine if your client is using Internet Explorer as the embedded browser, and find out what steps are required to update to a client that uses Microsoft Edge Chromium (WebView2) as the embedded browser.

Support for Interaction Summaries (FSC)

  • New! With Riva Sync 2021.4 users can utilize Riva Insight Meeting Notes to create structured meeting notes for the Interaction Summaries in FSC right from their Outlook. 
  • While tracking the note, users can also relate the Interaction Summaries with an Account and Opportunity, along with attendees' details.
  • Users can ensure compliance and security are met to protect Interaction Summaries' data, an important aspect of the highly regulated industry, by using Riva’s Configurable Security Layer.
  • For an overview, see Riva Sync support for Interaction and Interaction Summaries (FSC).
  • Interested in Riva's compliance- and security-minded support for Interactions and Interaction Summaries? To get started, contact the Riva Success Team.
  • Applicable with Exchange only.

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