Riva Insight Multilingual Support

  • Updated
  • Riva Insight Cloud 2024.1
  • Outlook on the Web
  • Outlook for Windows
  • Outlook for Mac
  • Outlook for Mobile (iOS/Android)




  • Riva Insight now provides support for multiple languages.
  • French language support is available out-of-the-box (OOTB).
  • Support for additional out-of-the-box languages is being considered.


The Riva Insight will provide language translations for most of Riva Insight, with a few exceptions:

  1. Riva Bookings
  2. Riva Insight Admin UI

Changing the language used by Riva Insight

There are a number of ways to change the language for Riva Insight:

  1. OS System Settings
    1. Changing your OS system settings (Ensure Outlook and/or the web browser are configured to use the 'System Language' settings)
  2. Outlook Desktop
    1. Change the language in Outlook by going to “File” >  “Options” > “Language”
  3. Outlook on the Web (Browser)
    1. Change the browser language. For example, in Chrome > click on the kebob (three vertical dots on the top-right corner), click on “Settings” > click on “Languages”.
  4. Insight “My Settings” page:


Riva Insight Multilingual – Customizations

  • Customizations are also supported in multiple languages.
  • For each customer that has customizations and wants to support multiple languages, ensure that the language customization file is created/updated. For example,
    • Insight Configuration (French) = InsightConfiguration-fr.xml
    • Track Configuration (French) = TrackConfiguration-fr.xml
  • The French version of the configuration files can be Exported (or Imported) through the Insight Admin UI Export/Import page.

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