Subscribe to Salesforce From Riva Sync: Configuration

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  • CRM permissions, security settings, or additional configuration may affect the ability to subscribe to a record and/or unsubscribe from it.
  • Subscribing to Salesforce is best supported by using Login with Salesforce Authentication.

Subscribing to Salesforce from Riva Insight requires configuration in two places:

  1. Configuration in Riva Sync.
  2. Configuration in Riva Insight.

Step 1: Configure Riva Sync to Support Subscribing to Salesforce

The configuration depends on the Riva Sync platform:

Configure Riva Cloud to support Subscribing to Salesforce

  1. Contact the Riva Success Team.

    A team member will make a series of options visible on your Salesforce connection.

  2. Log in to Riva Cloud.

  3. On the Dashboard, under Connections, next to Salesforce, click Edit.

    SF-Edit-Connection-1_drop-shadow--KB-271(1) (1).png

  4. On the page that appears, under Options, configure the options under Subscribe to Salesforce.


  5. For each module, select one of the following Subscribe options:

    • Chatter: A Riva Insight user can select an item of that module and click Click-to-subscribe-to-Salesforce (1).png next to it in order to Chatter Follow that item.

    • Account Team: (Available only for the Accounts module.) A Riva Insight user can select an account and click Click-to-subscribe-to-Salesforce (1).png next to it in order to subscribe to Account Team notifications about that account

      Note: This subscription option requires the setup of Account Teams in Salesforce.

    • Custom Objects: A Riva Insight user can select a custom-object item and click Click-to-subscribe-to-Salesforce (1).png next to it in order to subscribe to that item.

      Note: If you are using a custom filter, ensure that your custom filter is read. Contact the Riva Success Team.

  6. Save the connection.

Configure Riva On-Premise to support Subscribing to Salesforce

Configuration on the Riva On-Premise server is required.

Step 2: Configure Riva Insight to Support Subscribing to Salesforce

To configure the location of the Click-to-subscribe-to-Salesforce (1).png Subscribe icon in Riva Insight:

  1. In Outlook, at the bottom of the Riva Insight panel or Track in CRM, click Riva-Insight-settings (4).png.

  2. On the Riva Settings window that appears, click the Insight Panel tab. Under CRM Modules, select one of the modules that supports subscribing to Salesforce.


  3. On the module's page, for example the Opportunity page, click the Enrich Icons tab. From under Unassigned icons, drag the Subscription Toggle and drop it on the Title Icons section.


  4. For another module that has been configured in Riva Cloud or Riva On-Premise for subscribing to Salesforce, repeat steps 2 and 3.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click an item of a configured module. If you do not see the Click-to-subscribe-to-Salesforce (2).png Subscribe to Salesforce icon, log out of Riva Insight and log back in.

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