Riva Cloud 2018.4 Release Notes

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The Riva Cloud release notes list the benefits of this release:

Release version: 2018.4
Release date: May 23, 2018
Latest hotfix: June 19, 2018




Benefits of this Release

Support for GDPR and data residency regions

Registering for Riva Cloud now requires selecting a Data Residency Region, which determines where the customer data is processed. For more information, see Riva Cloud Data Residency Region.

For information on the GDPR, which took effect on May 25, 2018, visit the following pages or contact us at privacy@rivacrmintegration.com.

It's easy to know which data residency region and pod your Riva Cloud account is in. For more information, see data residency region, pod, and mode.

If the data residency region or pod is not configured correctly, the users cannot create connections, create policies, or add or remove users.

Support for Sugar 7+ and Sugar 8

SugarCRM has been upgrading clients to use the REST API. Riva Cloud offers full support.

For more information, see Authenticate to Sugar 8 through a custom API platform.

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