How to Duplicate a Riva Policy

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Many organizations start with a single sync policy and then want to create similar sync policies that will have slightly different options. Riva provides a Duplicate option that creates a disabled duplicate of the original sync policy. Riva administrators can then modify option settings and add new users or even move users from the original sync policy to the new duplicate sync policy.

Note: Understanding Riva transaction records and how Riva handles those records when a sync policy is duplicated is very useful. We recommend that Riva administrators review the information to Understand how Riva maintains transaction records.


To duplicate a policy:

  1. Start the Riva Manager application.

  2. On the menu bar, select Policies.

  3. In the right pane, right-click the policy, and select Duplicate.


    The duplicate policy appears. Its name is a combination of the words "Copy of " and the name of the original policy that was duplicated. For example, the illustration shows that the duplicate of the file "Off 365 <> Sugar OD 6.7 Sync Policy" was named "Copy of Off 365 <> Sugar OD 6.7 Sync Policy".


    WARNING:  Do not enable the duplicate sync policy until it has been modified.

  4. Double-click the Copy of ... sync policy. On the General page, remove all of the users. Learn why removing users is important.


  5. Save the sync policy.

What Happens When a Sync Policy Is Duplicated

When a sync policy is duplicated, the following actions occur:

  • The Riva Manager application creates a disabled sync policy object. The duplicate contains the same user list and same policy option settings as the original source sync policy. Example: Copy of Off 365 <> Sugar OD 6.7 Sync Policy.

  • In the \Riva\Configuration folder, a sync policy file is created. If the sync policy name contains characters that are not permitted in a file name, Riva substitutes an underscore character ( _ ). Example: Copy of Off 365 <> Sugar OD 6.7 Sync Policy is changed to Copy of Off 365 __ Sugar OD 6.7 Sync Policy.policy.


  • A corresponding sync policy transaction folder is created.

Tip: Most Riva administrators rename the duplicate policy. See How to rename a Riva sync policy.

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