Remove Closed CRM Task Items From The Email System

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By default, when a user closes a CRM task item, Riva On-Premise does not delete that closed task item in the email system. Riva On-Premise offers the option to delete completed tasks from Exchange and control when those tasks are removed.

To remove closed CRM task items:

  1. Apply the following advanced options to the CRM policy:

    • Crm.DeleteClosedItem.Task = true (Enabled: Riva removes closed task items.)
    • Crm.ClosedItemTombstoneDelayInHoursPrefix.Task = # (Where # is the number of hours of delay before the delete occurs.)
      Examples of the hours of delay:
      • Crm.ClosedItemTombstoneDelayInHoursPrefix.Task = 0 (The task item is deleted from the email system as soon as the close state is detected.)
      • Crm.ClosedItemTombstoneDelayInHoursPrefix.Task = 2 (The task item is deleted from the email system 2 hours after the close state is detected.)
  2. Save the CRM policy and restart the CRM synchronization service to apply the change.

Note: New items that are already closed when Riva detects them are never synced. As a result, on an initial sync, only the open items are created in the email system.

Applies to

  • Riva On-Premise 2.4.21 or higher for all supported email systems. For GroupWise, the GroupWise Sdk connection is required.

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