Reset The Contact/Lead Max Record Count Filter

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In Riva On-Premise, the sync policy Address Book page provides a Max record count filter that can be applied to the initial sync of contacts and/or leads. This filter is applied to every syncing user during the initial sync cycle.


Making Changes

Administrators can make the following changes to that filter:

  • Enabling or disabling the filter by selecting or clearing the Max. record count check box.
  • Changing the value in the filter.

Any Max record count filter changes will be applied to all of the syncing users in the sync policy.

Making the change to the filter and restarting the sync service will not enforce the changes, because the filter is applied when the syncing users are initialized.

To enforce the filter changes:

  • Do as follows as part of re-initializing all the syncing users:
    1. Below the large list box, select the Select All check box.
    2. In the Modules field, select Address Book.
    3. In Riva 2.4.46 or earlier, skip this step (without any problem). In Riva 2.4.47 or higher, in the Category field, select Troubleshooting.
    4. In the Type field, select the Repoll re-init option.

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