Prevent the Creation of Contact Records For Company Users

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The SmartConvert process of Riva On-Premise can be configured to prevent creating contacts in three different scenarios:

  • Scenario #1: Prevent creating contacts or leads that map to existing CRM users.
  • Scenario #2: Prevent creating any contacts or leads.
  • Scenario #3: Prevent creating contacts or leads for specific email domains.

Implementation in Riva On-Premise

The first three steps are the same for all three scenarios:

  1. In the Riva Manager application, on the menu bar, select Policies.

  2. In the right pane, locate the sync policy for the affected users. Right-click the CRM policy, and select Edit.

  3. In the Edit CRM Synchronization Policy window that appears, select the SmartConvert tab.

  4. On the SmartConvert page, do one of the following, depending on the scenario:

    • Scenario #1: To prevent SmartConvert from creating contacts for email addresses that map to existing CRM users:

      • Select Must match or create at least one Contact or Lead.
        On the screenshot, see Scenario #1.
    • Scenario #2: To prevent SmartConvert from creating any contacts or leads,

      • Under Contact Creation Filtering, select Disable all contact, lead, and account creation.
    • Scenario #3: To prevent SmartConvert from creating contacts or leads for specific email domains,

      1. Under Contact Creation Filtering, select Edit Creation Filter.
      2. In the dialog box that appears, enter the list of domains separated by commas.


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