Auto-Generate a Default Account Name if The Company Name is Empty in Outlook

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  • By default, if a user sets the category for an Outlook contact to the Riva-provided category, the sync attempts to create the contact in the CRM.
    • If the Company Name field in the Outlook contact record is blank, the sync tries to match the new contact to an account with a website URL that matches the email domain of the contact.
      • If no match is discovered, the sync does not create an account and attempts to create a Null or orphan contact (contact with no parent account) in the CRM.
        • If the target CRM does not support or allow null or orphan contacts, then the contact creation attempt fails.

Riva has an advanced option to auto-generate a default account name if the Company Name field is empty for the Outlook contact record. There is also an advanced option that supports uni-directional (CRM to Exchange) read-only synchronization to support those customers who want to enforce data management exclusively in the corporate CRM system.

To enable the auto-generation of a default account name:

  1. Apply the following advanced options to the sync policy:

    Sync.Crm.AutoGenerateOrgNameIfEmpty = true (Enabled, auto-generate account names for empty Company Name field.)

    Sync.Crm.DefaultOrgNamePrefix = Desired value (Optional. Provide a prefix value.)

  2. To apply the change to the sync, save the policy and restart the CRM synchronization service.

When these advanced options are enabled, auto-generated account names are created when the Outlook contact record has an empty Company Field record. The auto-generated account name has this structure: [Prefix] [ContactName] [RandomCharacters]. For example, if Sync.Crm.DefaultOrgNamePrefix = AutoRivaGenerated and a contact record for Ian Smith was created, the auto-generated account name would look like

AutoRivaGenerated IanSmith Ax349xcw

Tip: By using a defined Prefix value that begins with the letter "A", a user or CRM administrator could easily locate auto-generated account records in the CRM and modify them accordingly.

Applies to

  • Riva On-Premise 2.4.22 or higher, for
    • Office 365;
    • Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 (EWS);
    • Gmail; and
    • Exchange 2003 (MAPI).

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