Options to Handle Existing Exchange Items For First Sync

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By default, when Riva On-Premise performs a first sync (initial synchronization) either when a CRM policy is first saved or after a Re-initialize all full, Riva moves any contact, lead, calendar item, or task that is currently assigned the CRM category to a "Lost and Found" folder. Starting with Riva On-Premise release 2.4.22, Riva provides an advanced option to change the first sync handling options for categorized items.

To configure the handling of already categorized contact, calendar, and task items

  1. In the Riva Manager application, on the menu bar, select Policies.

  2. Edit the CRM policy. Select Advanced Options, and select Edit Custom Options.

  3. In the Key and Value fields, enter the option key and value, select Add >>, and select OK>>.

    The change will be applied when the CRM policy is saved and the CRM synchronization service has restarted.



 = MoveToLostAndFound (Use this value to reset the option back to the default behaviour.)


 = Delete (Will delete already categorized items from Exchange.)


 = SyncToCrm (WARNING: This value has the potential to create duplicate items in the CRM because it syncs the item to the CRM as part of the first sync.)


Applies to

  • Riva On-Premise for Exchange - 2010 and 2007 (EWS); 2003 (MAPI)
  • Riva On-Premise release 2.4.22+

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