Re-Initialize Page in Riva Sync Policies Created in Version 2.4.46 or Higher

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This article applies only to sync policies created in Riva 2.4.46 or higher.

The initial sync and subsequent re-initializations (re-inits) no longer use the Sync Start Time setting.

  • The setting is no longer displayed, and
  • the Sync Start Time page of sync policies created in Riva 2.4.46 or higher has been renamed Re-Initialize.

For all non-calendar modules:

  • The initial sync and subsequent re-inits potentially include all available items, because the effective date is set to Jan. 1, 1970, and remains hidden.
  • Several other methods are available to filter which items are to be synced. For example, opportunities can be synced by the owner.

For calendar modules:

  • By default, the initial sync and subsequent re-inits sync calendar items that meet these two conditions:
    • the items have a maximum of 45 days of age and
    • are scheduled to occur for a maximum of 400 days in the future.
  • The default can be overridden only when syncing from Office 365 or Exchange to the CRM. The way to do so is to set one or more date filters.


  • If pre-.46 advanced or custom options are used to control the dates used for the initial sync or subsequent re-inits of calendar items, the pre-.46 options take precedence over the .46 settings.
  • For backward compatibility with policies created in Riva 2.4.45 or earlier, the Sync Start Time page and setting are displayed for such policies even when they are opened or edited in Riva 2.4.46 or later.

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