How Riva Synchronizes GoldMine Contacts to Exchange

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Contents (Confirmed with Riva version and GoldMine 2014.1.0.468.)

Background Information

Before reading about GoldMine contacts, review the Address Books section of the relevant Create and Configure a Sync policy article: 

See also Default field mappings for GoldMine and Exchange.

GoldMine contacts

Compared to other CRMs supported by Riva, GoldMine is generally considered to be contact-centric versus account-centric. GoldMine does not have the concept of an account (company) record that contacts are related to. It has primary contact records, to which additional contacts can be added. Additional contacts support only basic lookups and cannot have any extended profiling like custom fields.

Contact Sync Options in the GoldMine Connection

The following options can be set on the Others page of the GoldMine connection window:

GoldMine-contact-sync-options (1).png

Sync the GoldMine contact "Dear" field with the Exchange "Salutation" field

(Default: Cleared (not selected).) If the option is selected, Riva syncs the GoldMine Dear field (Prefix is the default label name) to the Exchange contact Title field.

Contact-prefix(1) (1).png

Note: If you want to clear the information from the Dear field in the contact record in Exchange from this point on, clear the check box. If you want to clear it retroactively, do as follows:

  1. Clear the check box.

  2. Apply the following advanced option to the GoldMine connection:

    GoldMine.ClearContactDearField = True

  3. In the procedure of Re-initialize the users, proceed as follows:

    1. Perform the first few steps until it is time to select a Module and a Type.

    2. For the Module, select Address Book.

    3. For the Type, select Resync & Repoll.

    4. Perform the remaining steps.

Set Contact Owner

(Default: Cleared (not selected), because most of our Riva clients choose not to assign ownership to contact records in GoldMine.)

If this option is selected, contact records that are created in Exchange sync to GoldMine and have the ownership assigned to the synced user.

contact-owner se(1) (1).png

Sync Additional Contacts

(Default: Selected.) If you do not want to sync additional contacts, clear the check box.

If this option is selected, Riva syncs both the primary contacts and additional contacts to the same contact folder that is specified in the sync policy. If the policy is configured to synchronize contacts to a separate contact folder, the contacts appear as on the following composite screenshot: a contact and an additional contact record in GoldMine are synced to Exchange and are visible in Outlook 2010.

additional-contacts (1).png

For more information, see Sync additional contacts.

Sync Phone Number Extensions

By default, phone number extensions are synced, as in the following example

  • If Outlook has the phone number 111.111.1118 x123, Riva inserts 123 in GoldMine's Ext field.
  • If GoldMine has extension 123 for the phone number, Outlook displays 111.111.1118 x123 in the phone number field.

phone-number-extensions (1).png

Preventing extensions from being synced

To prevent a phone number extension from being synced:


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