How Riva Synchronizes GoldMine Calendar Items to Exchange

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How Riva synchronizes GoldMine created Calendar Items

Calendar items created in GoldMine that Riva is able to synchronize include Phone Calls, Next Actions, Appointment, and Events, To-Do's. In order to sync Events, see How GoldMine: Advanced option to synchronize GoldMine-created events to Exchange.

Items that do not sync as of the time of this article: Other Action, Literature Request, Forecasted Sale.


  • Exchange does not allow for untimed appointments, as GoldMine prompts users by default when those are created in CRM.

  • Scheduling recurring activities by using Skip Weekends or Hourly options does not sync, as they are not created in Exchange.

  • All Exchange Calendar items require a start and end time.

  • Multi-Attendee and Linked Contact Appointments sync to Exchange and add the attendees and/or linked contacts to the Attendee List in Exchange for the item.

  • GoldMine To-Do's are synchronized as Exchange Tasks, not appointments or meetings.


Figure 1: Alert from GoldMine when Untimed Appointments, Calls, Other Actions, or Next Actions are created in CRM

In Exchange, you cannot create appointments or meetings that are untimed, as this is not a best practice. All appointments and meetings in Exchange need to have a start and end time set.

How does Riva handle untimed, no set duration Appointments or Next Actions created in GoldMine?

  • Riva syncs an untimed appointment created in GoldMine to Exchange as an all-day appointment starting at 12 am and ending at 12 am that same day, with the status in Exchange of “Show As: Free”.

  • If the time is updated in Exchange, Riva updates the time in GoldMine.

How does Riva handle untimed, specified set duration appointments or Next Actions created in GoldMine?

  • Riva syncs the untimed, set duration appointment or next action to Exchange and creates the item as an all-day appointment with "Show As: Busy".

GoldMine-Created Appointments, Next Actions, Phone Calls, and Events

  • Individual unlinked user-created appointments, Next Actions, phone calls, and events are created on the dbo.CAL table and are created as appointments in Exchange.

  • Events are created as all-day events in Exchange.

GoldMine Created Phone Calls

Phone calls will sync to the Exchange calendar and be categorized as "GoldMine Phone" by default.  This is managed in the sync policy.

  • Untimed, 0-duration Phone Calls will sync to Exchange and get created as an All Day Event with "Show As: Free".  Similar to Appointments created in the same fashion.

  • Untimed, with a set duration time, will sync to Exchange and get created as an All Day Event with "Show As: Busy"

Applies to

  • Riva version
  • GoldMine 2014.1.0.468+

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