Aborting First Sync. This Mailbox Appears to Have Already Been Synchronized by Riva

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In Riva On-Premise or higher, the sync is stopped for an Office 365, Exchange, or IBM Notes mailbox, and the following error message appears in the Riva CRM Monitor:

Aborting the first sync. This mailbox appears to have already been synchronized by Riva. [Name of module [for example, Calendar].]



A series of Riva-generated hidden entries are stored in a mailbox to indicate that Riva has synced that mailbox.

Immediate Cause of the Error

The Riva user metadata for the mailbox that is being synchronized has disappeared. Normally, this would have caused a first-time sync, but because the Riva-generated hidden entries were found in the mailbox, the first sync was prevented. If the first sync had not been prevented, a Lost and Found folder would have been created.

The error is issued because the following advanced option is set to true. When set to true, this key verifies whether the hidden entries are present in a mailbox if the metadata has disappeared.

Sync.Crm.CheckForSyncConfigurationOnFirstSync = true (Default: true.)

That advanced option works only if the following advanced option also remains set to true. When set to true, this second key is responsible for generating the hidden entries in the mailbox.

Sync.Crm.SyncConfiguration.Enabled = true (Default: true.)

Note: If those advanced options were never edited, they do not appear in the Advanced Options window.

Troubleshooting for the Root Cause

To find out why the Riva metadata has disappeared, contact the Riva Success Team.

Common root causes:

  • Improperly migrating Riva from one server instance to another (Windows system upgrade).
  • A non-replicated multi-node deployment when the user is moved to a new node without first moving the transactions.
  • A user was moved from one synchronization policy to another synchronization policy, if not using common transaction folders.

Possible Solutions

Depending on the findings of the Success Team, the solution may vary.

One possible solution is to use the re-init option named Override First Sync Safety.

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