Error: Synchronization Failed Due to CRM ID Conflict

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In Riva On-Premise or higher, for a supported email system, the following error may occur:

Synchronization failed due to a Crm ID conflict. <005E0000006Ta9MIAS> already registered for another user.



A user was not properly renamed in the Riva sync policy. As a result, the sync policy is relating the CRM ID to the original user name instead of the new user name.

Note: Allowing the sync to proceed for that user would have resulted in duplicate contacts, tasks, and calendar items.

How the users were not properly renamed


Typically, this error occurs in one of two scenarios that are not handled correctly:

  • Someone has a change of surname, which causes the user name to change: for example. a-surname@ changes to a-new-surname@.
  • The email domain name changes: for example, changes to

Examples of incorrect ways to attempt renaming the user in Riva sync policies:

  • Situation: The user's primary SMTP reply-to email address is renamed in the email system, and the primary email address value for the CRM user is modified.
    Incorrect Riva admin action: Removing the user from the sync policy and re-adding the user with the new email address.

  • Situation: Users are assigned to a Riva sync policy by means of an email system group. Some or all of the user primary SMTP reply-to email addresses are renamed in the email system, and the primary email address values for the CRM user's are modified.
    Automatic processing: The change of user names propagates to Riva when Riva resolves the group member list, usually within 24 hours.

Immediate Solution: Correcting the Improperly Renamed Users


When a user has been improperly renamed in a Riva Sync policy, Riva has two transaction folders for the user:

  • The original user transaction folder contains a full set of transaction metadata files.
  • The new user transaction folder contains only an entity.settings file.

The following procedure is designed to move the transaction metadata files to the new user transaction folder and reset the Crm ID relationship. For this example, the original user is and the renamed user is

The procedure can be used to reset a single user or multiple users that were not properly renamed in the Riva sync policy.


To correct improperly renamed users:

  1. In the Riva Service Monitor application, stop the service.

  2. In the Riva Manager application, on the menu bar, select Policies. Edit the sync policy for the users that were renamed.

  3. On the General page, press the CTRL key, and double-click Name.


    Result: Windows Explorer displays the contents of the root path of the transaction folders for that sync policy.


  4. Navigate to the \Lookup folder.

    Result: You can see two user folders for each improperly renamed user. As per our example, you will see one for gwelling.


    You will also see one folder for gordon.


  5. Move all of the metadata and metadata-journal files from the original user folder to the renamed user folder. They must be moved specifically; do not simply copy these files.

    Note: Do not move the entity.settings file. Riva uses the new entity.settings file that is already in the renamed user folder.


  6. For every user who was not properly renamed in the sync policy, repeat steps 4 and 5.

  7. Close any open Windows Explorer windows.

  8. In the Riva Manager application, navigate to the Re-Initialize page.

    Note: In policies created in Riva 2.4.45 or earlier, that page is named Sync Start Time.

  9. While continuing to prepare to re-initialize, be sure to do the following:

    1. Select the users that were renamed.

    2. In Riva 2.4.46 or earlier, skip this step (without any problem). In Riva 2.4.47 or higher, in the Category field, select Sync Restriction.

    3. In the Type field, select Clear Mailbox ID Conflict.

  10. Save the sync policy, and select Yes to restart the service.

    Result: When the user is synced, Riva resets the CRM ID relationship to the renamed user and continues syncing data from where it last successfully synced.

Note: If the "Synchronization failed due to Crm ID conflict" error persists, contact the Riva Success Team for a solution.


Pro-Active Best Practice: Renaming Users Properly from Now On

There are proper procedures to rename users in the Riva sync policy that clear the relationship of the user name to the corresponding CRM ID, so that Riva resets the CRM ID against the new user name defined in the sync policy and the error is not issued.

Process Note on Improperly Renaming Users

Improperly renaming a user causes the renamed user to be treated as a new user, and a new user transaction folder is created for that user. The default action for new users is a first-time sync. But, Riva tracks the original user name used when the user was assigned to the sync policy against the CRM ID of the user CRM account. It checks to see if there are previous transactions for the CRM ID, and if one is discovered, Riva creates a new user transaction folder, and adds a new entity.settings file, and reports this CRM ID conflict error. That process prevents unwanted sync records that would result in duplicate contacts, tasks, and calendar items from being created in the user's email account.




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