Riva On-Premise 2021.1 Release Notes (2021.April.01)

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These release notes provide a quick overview of what is new in the following release:

Release version: 2021.1.7.6857
Release date: 2021.April.01
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What's New in This Release

Updated minimum requirement for .NET

The minimum requirement for Microsoft .NET has been increased from version 4.5.2 to version 4.7.2.

Before installing version 2021.1 on one of the supported versions of Windows Server, ensure that .NET 4.7.2 or higher is installed on the server. Otherwise, the install terminates with a warning — or — if upgrading from Riva 3.3.61 or earlier, the install may proceed, but a missing dependency error would occur at runtime.

Fixed defects

Salesforce returned a poll error on the Tasks module.

  • Issue: When Salesforce was not configured to use enhanced email and Riva polled the Tasks module, Salesforce returned a poll error.
  • Fix: The sync to Salesforce now sets the TaskSubType field to Task for real tasks and to Email for emails synced as tasks. In subsequent sync cycles, when Riva polls the Salesforce Tasks module for synced tasks or emails, looking up the TaskSubType value prevents the poll error.

Salesforce: attachment sync failure set the wrong status:

  • Issue: When the attachment sync failed for a Salesforce enhanced email, the status was not set correctly.
  • Fix: Now, the status is set correctly.

Salesforce and Exchange: The Start Date of a task created in Exchange was affected by updating the task in Salesforce

  • Issue: Updating any task field in Salesforce caused the Start Date of the task created in Exchange to become the same as its Due Date.
  • Cause: Salesforce does not have two date fields for tasks, namely a Start Date and a Due Date. It has only one field, the Activity Date. Syncing the task from Salesforce to Exchange copied the value of the Activity Date onto both the Start Date and the Due Date in Exchange.
  • Fix: The Salesforce to Exchange sync no longer overwrites the Start Date of a task that had been created in Exchange.
  • Note: When a task is created in Salesforce, the Activity Date is still used to populate the Start Date and Due Date in Exchange, but in subsequent sync cycles, the Activity Date is used only to overwrite the Due Date.

Salesforce and Exchange: The email address was changed when syncing a contact who had multiple email addresses:

  • Context: A contact in Salesforce had two email addresses. A meeting was created in Exchange and used one of the contact's email addresses. The meeting was synced to Salesforce without any problems.
  • Issue: After the meeting was updated in Salesforce and synced back to Exchange, the contact's email address in the updated meeting in Exchange was replaced with another email address of that contact.
  • Fix: The contact's email address that was used originally in the meeting is not changed, but for the fix to take effect, action is required on your part. Configure the following advanced option to the sync policySync.Crm.Recipients.CacheAlternateEmail = true .

Salesforce Advisor Link (SAL) and G Suite: RSVP changed status when syncing updates from SAL to G Suite:

  • Issue: After recurring meetings were accepted in G Suite, synced to SAL, updated in SAL, and synced back to G Suite, the users' RSVP status changed from No to Yes.
  • Fix: Now, in the above scenario, the RSVP status is not changed.

NetSuite: Poor performance when using custom contact filters with saved searches:

  • Background: The NetSuite connection can be configured to use a saved search as the starting point for a custom contact filter.
  • Issue: Using the saved search as the starting point for a custom contact filter caused the sync cycles to last over 40 minutes each.
  • Fix: Riva can now request NetSuite to make the original search with the LastModifiedDate.
  • Result: When searching with the LastModifiedDate, the saved search is much shorter and can be processed very quickly by the custom contact filter.

Attendees sometimes synced first despite configuring Riva to sync the organizer first:

  • Background: Some Riva customers use the IsRivaSyncUser custom field in their CRM user profiles to specify whether a CRM user is synced by Riva.
  • Issue: Despite configuring Riva to sync the organizer first, an attendee synced first under these conditions: the policy was configured to recognize Riva sync users by means of the IsRivaSyncUser flag, and the attendee was matched from the transaction metadata.
  • Cause: Under those conditions, the status of the IsRivaSyncUser flag was not accurately reflected.
  • Fix: Now, the IsRivaSyncUser flag is included in the cached data, so that the flag is accurate even if the result is retrieved from the transaction metadata cache.



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