Riva On Premise 2.4.32 (2012.11.27) - Release Notes

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These release notes provide a quick overview of the major enhancements and fixes included in the following release:

Release version:
Release date: 2012.11.27
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Highlights of Riva-On Premise 2.4.32

Changes to Riva Sync Policy for Exchange

  • Added Calendar option to treat deleted CRM calendar items as cancelled in Exchange - Added sync policy calendar option to treat CRM deleted/cancelled appointments as cancelled calendar items in Exchange instead of moving them to "Deleted Items" in the mailbox. 


    Supports Exchange 20078/2010 EWS connections only.  Learn more ... Sync deleted CRM appointments as cancelled 
  • AdditiveOnly attendee syncing is enabled when SmartConvert Filter uses "*" - When the "SmartConvert" or "Sent Items" create filter is set to "*" or to "Disable all contact, lead, and account creation", Riva will enable "AdditiveOnly" attendee syncing.  In effect, Riva will not sync the removal of attendee(s), but will sync the addition of an attendee(s) to an existing meeting/event if the changes are made in either Exchange or the CRM.

  • Added "Re-initialize Rebase" option - added "Re-initialize Rebase" option which clears the organization and contact reference mapper.  Only use this option when directed to do so by the Riva Support Team. 
    Learn more ... Re-initialization Options for Exchange Sync Policies

CRM Specific Enhancements / Fixes


Custom Option to Create Contacts if Surname is Blank - Added an advanced custom option that inserts "(Unknown)" for the surname value if the Exchange contact record is missing the value for the surname (last name). Learn more ... Info@Hand: Custom option to sync CRM contact if the surname is blank  

MS Dynamics CRM

Default Query Size Limit - Set the default CRM query limit of 100 items per query, the same as MSCRM 4 limits. 


  • Added support for SmartConvert to sync Leads instead of Contacts - Added logic for SmartConvert to sync unmatched email addresses (and unmatched meeting attendees) as Customer - Lead if the processing option "Create lead instead of contact" is checked.  

  • Fix for creating opportunity failure when "Team Selling" is enabled - added fix to ensure that when the "Team Selling" feature is enabled, create opportunity defaults to selecting the owner's sales team.   

  • Added connection option to enable private appointment sync - Added a connection option to handle "Private" and "Show as Busy" NetSuite appointment syncing.  Once the option has been checked and applied, when Riva will try an alternate method to get access to the "Private"/"Show as Busy" appointment. 
    Learn more ... 
    NetSuite: Enable Private Appointment Handling  

  • Custom option to not enable all non-contact objects as attendees to NetSuite appointments synced to Exchange - If a user creates an appointment that is related to an opportunity or case, NetSuite may relate non-individual customers, vendors, or partners to that appointment.  When Riva syncs the appointment to Exchange, it would add those related non-individual customers, vendors, or partners as attendees to the appointment.  Learn more ...  NetSuite custom option to exclude non-individuals as attendees to NetSuite synced appointments  

  • Custom option to prevent Employee contact sync from Exchange to incorrectly match customer reference - Normally, NetSuite employee contact doesn't have company ref. When it is synced to Outlook, and then synced back to NetSuite, Riva will search matched organization in metadataStore by email domain when comapnyName is empty. When the domain happens to match with an existing organization, it will cause this employee contact to be referenced to the organization incorrectly.  Added a custom option to define employee contact email domains to avoid.  Learn more ...  Custom option to prevent Employee contact sync from Exchange to incorrectly match customer reference 

  • Added default filter to not search Employee contacts - SmartConvert will no longer match email addresses to Employee contacts.  

  • Added fixes for the following issues:

    • Fix for syncing emails with multiple attachments - added a fix that resolved an issue that caused Riva to sync an email with multiple attachments as multiple emails, each with a single attachment.  

    • Fixes for [Code = INVALID _KEY_OR_REF] errors - added error handling for invalid company reference, invalid recipient reference, invalid author reference, and invalid phone call reference, invalid entity reference when creating a quote.  

    • Fixes for [Code=USER_ERROR] errors - added error handling for "please enter values for "Company" and "Invalid date range".  

    • Fix for [Code=UNEXPECTED_ERROR] - added fix to resolve an issue with get attendee list failing when updating an appointment.  

    • Fix for contacts without company do not sync - fixed issue where personal contacts or contacts without company were not syncing from NetSuite to Exchange.

    • Fix to allow syncing employees and system users are contacts - fix for the error "Could not find matching type for conversion" (Employee/SystemUser to Contact).  

Oracle CRM On-Demand

Added multiple fixes for minor errors related to "stateless" session handling.


  • Added connection option to create "completed" tasks when synced email matched to contact or lead - Added connection option to always mark email as "Completed" if matched to CRM contacts or leads during SmartConvert processing.
    Learn more ...  Set Salesforce connection options 

  • Modified impersonation logic for matching contacts/leads - Salesforce impersonation logic will now match contacts and leads based on primary email, then username, and then first matched result.  


Exchange/Outlook Specific Enhancements / Fixes

Emails older than the Sync Start Date will not sync - Emails that are dated older than the sync policy "Sync Start Time" data that are processed by SmartConvert and Assign-to will now be archived to the CRM.  

Changes to the Riva Server or Sync Workflow

  • Controlling Riva Delete Polls - customers reported challenges with Riva consuming too many API calls/web service calls sending queries to the CRM asking if there are item deletions that need to be synced to Exchange.  Advanced custom options are available to control the frequency of delete polls and scheduling when delete polls are permitted.   Learn more ...  Advanced Options to Control Riva Delete Polls for CRM Data

  • SmartConvert & Sent items will not sync sensitive items - by default, Riva will not sync email/calendar items marked with a "Private", "Confidential" or "Personal" flag by the user. 

  • Assign-to Emails now ignore the "must match contact or lead"  processing rule - Since the user has explicitly chosen to assign the email to an item, Assign-To should ignore this processing option defined in the sync policy SmartConvert page. 

  • Fix for attendees matching the same contact and system user - Added bug fix to ensure that if an appointment attendee matches a contact and a system user, the appointment will still be matched to the system user. 

Special Options that can be enabled by Omni Professional Services

  • Added GoldMine Connection Agent service - Added ability to support Riva sync to a Riva installed connection agent service removing the requirement for GoldMine COM client dependencies (Beta only - contact Riva Support to volunteer as a Beta Tester).  

  • Salesforce:  Added support for multi-recipient emails/tasks and shared events - added Salesforce connection option to enable multi-recipient and multi-attendee tasks and events. 

    The option is crippled in the public release.  Changes for Riva to include support for the “Shared Activities” functionality are quite significant and there are many upgrade scenarios that need to be handled. As it stands today, we are providing this “Shared Activities” enabled version to select customers once we have confirmed there will be no compatibility issues with previous data having been synchronized prior to Winter 2013.  We want to ensure as many successful deployments as possible so we want to work with each customer to ensure a smooth transition.  Customers must contact Riva development to obtain a Riva release that enables this option.  Learn more ... Added support for Salesforce multi-recipient tasks and multi-attendee events

  • Limit Concurrent EWS Authentications - A customer reported an issue with their Exchange system having problems handling concurrent calls from Riva to resolve user names.  Added an app.setting to disable those concurrent calls.  Contact the Riva Support Team for instructions. 

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