Riva Insight Cloud: Login With Salesforce

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Requirements for Riva Insight Cloud:

  • Riva Insight has been applied to your Riva Cloud subscription.

  • Your Riva Cloud connection to Salesforce has “Login with Salesforce” enabled.


  • You have installed Riva Insight version or higher. (See determine which Riva Insight version is installed.)

Logging In with Salesforce

To use the Login with Salesforce feature with Outlook:

  1. For Riva Insight Cloud, ensure that the requirements have been met.

  2. If Outlook for Windows or Outlook for Mac 2016 is open, close it, and restart Outlook.

  3. If the Insight panel shows that you are currently logged in from a previous session, log out.

  4. In the Insight panel, select your Salesforce login domain, then select Login with Salesforce.

    Kb 1459 Insight SF login domain picker.png Kb 1459 Insight Login with SF.png

  5. If you are already logged in to Salesforce, the system automatically logs you in to Riva Insight without having to enter any credentials, and you are done! — except the very first time you select Login with Salesforce.

    If this is the first time, Riva Insight detects that you have no valid auth-cookies and Salesforce asks for credentials on either one of these pages:

    • The Salesforce authentication page:


    • Or, if you have a dedicated instance of Riva Insight and have preconfigured Riva Insight with your Salesforce My Domain URL, Riva Insight direct you to your My Domain Salesforce login page.

  6. In either case, log in to Salesforce. You may be also asked to validate your Salesforce user with additional security answers.

  7. When you are prompted whether to allow and trust Riva to access the end-user’s Salesforce content, select Allow.

    The browser now redirects to a success grant URL that confirms the configuration with the Riva Cloud "Sforce Auth" service. From that point on, selecting Login with Salesforce will either

    • automatically log you in to Riva Insight (if you were already in a valid Salesforce session) or
    • prompt you for your Salesforce credentials (which will log you in to both Salesforce and Riva Insight).
  8. If this does not work, do the following:

For more information, see Riva Insight: Feature - Login with Salesforce.

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