Solutions For Track in CRM "Configuration Setting Missing" Error

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In Track in CRM (Cloud or On-Premise) for Outlook, a Configuration window displays the following error message:


Causes and Solutions

  • There are two major causes for this issue, and for each cause, there are multiple possible root causes.
  • Both major causes need to be addressed.

Major cause #1 and possible solutions

The sync configuration has not been placed on the mailbox by Riva Sync.

Possible Root Causes Solutions
The mailbox has not gone through its first sync cycle. Ensure that the mailbox goes through a sync cycle.
The sync policy is disabled. Enable the sync policy.
Outlook has not been reopened since the sync configuration was placed on the mailbox. Close and reopen Outlook.
None of the above.

When none of the above possible root causes applies, this is the solution for Track in CRM On-Premise:

  • While re-initializing the users:

    1. In the Modules field, select All.
    2. In Riva 2.4.46 or earlier, skip this step (without any problem). In Riva 2.4.47 or higher, in the Category field, select Sync Restriction.
    3. In the Type field, select Override First Sync Safety.

Major cause #2 and possible solutions

SmartConvert has not been configured properly.

Possible Root Causes Solutions
SmartConvert for emails has not been enabled. Enable SmartConvert for emails.
The SmartConvert folder name is blank. (This could happen if the policy file was manually edited with a text editor, which is not recommended.) Provide a value for the SmartConvert folder name.

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