I Tracked an Item, But Insight Still Shows it as Pending.

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When a tracked item is synced to your CRM, Riva Sync adds information (known as an extended property) to the mail item which informs Riva Insight that the items has been synced.  As Outlook does not expect "read only" items like emails that are in the inbox or sent items folder to be changes, Outlook does not check for any changes while Outlook is open.


Outlook can be configured to automatically check for changes to your items in the mailbox.  This used to be enabled by default in older versions of Outlook, however in newer versions of Outlook the settings are not enabled.

  1. In Outlook: 
    1. Go to the "Send / Review" ribbon group
    2. Click on "Send/Receive Groups"
    3. Select "All Accounts" Group
  2. In the Send/Receive Groups window that opens:
    1. Ensure "Schedule an automatic send/receive every" is checked
    2. Set the value for how often you want Outlook to check for updates (i.e. 5 minutes)
    3. Click on "Close"
  3. Now Outlook will check for changes based on the interval you set.

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