Riva Insight 2018.1: Release Notes

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Server version: 2018.1     Which version do I have?
Release date: March 8, 2018
Cloud Customers: Riva Insight was upgraded automatically on 2018-03-08.
On-Premise Customers: For an upgrade package and to schedule a time to upgrade, contact the Riva Success Team.
Free-Trial (18).png Riva Insight (Cloud version) is available as a free 15-day trial.


What's New in This Release

Riva Insight Now Supports NetSuite

We are proud to announce that Riva Insight 2018.1 supports NetSuite. Get your free Riva Insight trial for NetSuite from Riva Cloud.

Improved Outlook Web Add-in

We have released a new version of the Outlook Web Add-in, which now has the same look and feel as the Windows Add-in. The Outlook Web Add-in not only works in Outlook for Windows 2013 or higher, but also adds support for Outlook for Mac 2016, native Android and iOS Mobile Outlook clients, and Outlook/Office 365 browser-based clients (desktop and mobile).

The Outlook Web Add-in supports these clients:

  • Outlook for Windows 2016,
  • Outlook for Mac 2016,
  • Outlook for Windows 2013,
  • Outlook for Android,
  • Outlook for iPhone and iPad,
  • Outlook on the web (Office 365 and Outlook.com), and
  • Outlook Web App (Exchange 2016 and Exchange 2013 SP1).

The best part is that Outlook Web Add-in does not require any software to be installed on your device.

For a table that lists all the differences between both add-ins, see Which Riva Insight add-in is for you?

To try out the Outlook Web Add-in:

Enhancements, Fixed Defects, and a Name Change


  • For Riva Insight on-premise deployments, the setup, configuration, and upgrade process have been simplified.
  • Added better error messages for CRM connection and authentication errors.

Fixed defects:

  • Appointments and tasks that were 30, 60, or 90 days in the future where showing up as 'today'.
  • When doing a second (different) search, the initial search results were not being cleared.
  • For InsideView, company names that contain an apostrophe were not displayed.
  • For Sugar, completed tasks with a future due date were not showing up.
  • For Sugar, the opportunity amount was not showing when doing an opportunity search.

Name change:

  • Riva Insight Windows Add-in is the new name for Riva Insight for Outlook on Windows.



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