Riva Cloud 2019.4 Release Notes

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The Riva Cloud release notes list what is new in this release:

Release version: 2019.4
Release date: May 13, 2019



What's New and How It Works

Salesforce-Specific Improvement

New Navigation Menu

The new menu is in the top right corner of Riva Cloud.


Riva Cloud Corporate: Improved Metrics

Metrics page (for Riva Cloud Corporate)

The metrics are now on a separate page, the Metrics page. (They have been moved from the Dashboard.)

To access the Metrics page:

  • On Riva Cloud Corporate's top ribbon, select Metrics.


Up-to-the-moment aggregate values

  • The values for Active Users, Users with Errors, Total Items Synced, and Average Sync Duration are now aggregates of the activity in the last 24 hours counting from the time the Metrics page is opened or refreshed.
  • (In the previous version of Riva Cloud, the values used to apply to the 24 hours of the previous calendar day.)
  • For a screenshot and more information, see Table near the top.

New: Doughnut charts

  • Each doughnut chart shows the number of items synced for all the active users for one module in the last 24 hours.
  • Colour coding distinguishes between created, updated, and deleted items.
  • You can restrict the display of a doughnut chart to include only one or a few users.
  • For screenshots and more information, see Doughnut charts.

Riva Cloud Company: Improved Navigation When Impersonating

When impersonating a user, a Riva Cloud Company admin can open the navigation menu and see

  • the account that is being impersonated: it has a white background); and
  • the admin's own account (it has a grey background).

impersonaitng (1).png

Selecting the admin account ends the impersonation session.

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