Option to Automatically Remove Emails Missing Required Matches

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A customer reported that they had created a sync policy to automatically archive all inbound emails.  Riva was removing emails from the - Create New Email folder once emails were successfully processed and archived to the CRM.  Riva was not automatically removing any emails that were not processed if Riva was not able to match the email addresses to a matching contact or lead.

Smart Convert Processing Option (release 2.4.31)

With Riva 2.4.31+, an additional option has been added to enable removing emails from - Create New Email that do not match or create a matching CRM contact or lead.


If the "Delete item upon successful processing" and "Users and contacts are mutually exclusive" options are checked, this related sub-option will automatically remove those emails that Riva was not able to find a required match.

Advanced Custom Option (release 2.4.30)

Riva 2.4.30 introduced a custom option that will automatically remove emails that cannot be matched to a contact or lead.  The SmartConvert processing option "Delete Item upon successful processing, instead of returning to folder" is selected (see step 3 in sync policy to automatically archive all inbound email).

To Apply the Option:  Edit the Riva sync policy and modify the Advanced Custom Options to add the following key and value:

Crm.Email.MissingRequiredMatches.Delete = true

Applies to

  • Riva for Exchange
  • Riva release 2.4.31+ for SmartConvert processing option
  • Riva release 2.4.30+ for advanced option

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