Riva On-Premise 2.4.47 (2018.05.25) Release Notes

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These release notes provide a quick overview of the major and minor enhancements included in the following release:

Release version: 2.4.47
Release date: 2018.05.25
Latest Release/Hotfix:  
Update procedure: How to update Riva
Manual update procedure How to update Riva from a ZIP file


The Riva On-Premise server is available for a free 15-day trial.


Benefits Included in This Release

This release includes new features, user experience improvements, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.

CRM-Specific Enhancements


  • Improvement: Redesigned UI for Salesforce "Custom Audit Fields"
    When records are created or modified during the synchronization, the built-in Salesforce system audit fields track the connection user as the "Created by:" or "Modified by:". During the synchronization, these custom fields can be used to record the actual mailbox/user from which the changes originated.
    For more information, see Custom Audit Fields.
  • Improvement: Redesigned UI for selecting which Salesforce fields should be synchronized
    The user interface for selecting which Salesforce object fields should be included in API calls has been refreshed in order to improve usability. Query performance can be improved by reducing the number of fields — especially by removing fields that are not mapped.
    For more information, see Review or update configured Salesforce metadata fields.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Feature: Availability of the newer Office 365 Dynamics CRM "United Kingdom" Data Center

Email-Specific Enhancements

Office 365 and Exchange

  • Feature: New UI for managing the Outlook Master Category List
    In Riva, it is possible to add, remove, and restore custom categories, as well as set their colour, and sync all those changes to the Outlook Master Category List.
    For more information, see Manage Custom Categories on the Color Categories List.

Exchange On-Premises

  • Feature: Windows Integrated Authentication — Credentials used to authenticate with Exchange can be inherited by the Windows Service 'Log on as' integrated authentication
    Support has been added for Exchange On-Premises environments that use Windows Integrated Authentication as a mechanism to manage Exchange user credentials.
    For more information, see Use Windows Service 'Log on as' Integrated Authentication.

Sync Configuration Enhancements

  • Feature: Bulk rename multiple users in a sync policy
    Many companies experience re-branding exercises, company mergers, and email system migrations. During those activities, often the internet domain name or the email prefix pattern is changed.
    Bulk renaming users is now easier than ever by using a .CSV file that includes a list of old email addresses and new email addresses.
  • Feature: Set Global Maximum Synchronization Thread Count
    From the Tools navigation, a new menu option allows the service-wide "global" maximum number of concurrent synchronization threads. A similar configuration is still available on a per-policy basis.
  • Feature: "Dry-Run Mode" offers a way to verify policy changes for complex workloads
    "Dry-Run Mode" is an advanced capability that allows the synchronization to execute all processing rules, matching patterns, and data conversions — however, prior to applying the changes onto the target system, the changes are prevented and recorded to the logs for verification. This mode can be used in complex workloads, during migrations, as part of enabling new features, or making changes to matching rules in order to verify the expected outcomes.
    Note: This capability is used by advanced operators. For more information, contact the Riva Success Team.
  • Feature: Migration Package offers an easier way to migrate from Riva On-Premise to Riva Cloud
    • For customers looking to migrate their workloads from their Riva On-Premise environment to Riva Cloud, a new Migration Package is available. When this option is used, all files required (connection, custom settings, directives, transactions, etc.) to move a Riva On-Premise deployment to another Riva instance are collected into a single ZIP file that is encrypted and password-protected.
    • This feature can also be used to simplify migrating a Riva On-Premise deployment from one operating system (Windows Server 2012) to another (Windows Server 2016).
    • For more information, see Export and Import a migration package.
  • Improvement: Redesigned synchronization policy Re-Initialization Options UI
    The UI for configuring the synchronization re-initialization options has been refreshed and the options have been organized in different categories.
    For more information, see Categories of re-init options.

Riva Service Monitor Enhancements

  • Renamed the "CRM Service Monitor" to "Riva Service Monitor".
  • A new "Riva Service Monitor.cmd" file is present in the installation package. The new file replaces both of these files:
    • "CRM Service Monitor.cmd" and
    • "CRM Service Monitor for Exchange.cmd".
  • When using the command line to start the Riva Service Monitor, the additional argument of "--riva-monitor" was added to replace "--crm-monitor".
  • For more information, see Riva Service Monitor.


  • Feature: Dependency Checker
    If critical files like advanced options, custom settings, field mappings, directives, or transactions are detected as missing, an error prevents the synchronization from starting. This new feature will help prevent possible misconfigurations after operations like a server migration.



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