How to Force Refresh of The Sync Configuration

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Applies to Riva Insight.

Riva Sync stores synchronization (sync) configuration settings for the user mailbox, including the path of the SmartConvert folder in Outlook, as well as the server URL. Riva Insight uses these settings.

This file is updated daily, but there may be times when the sync configuration needs to be refreshed to reflect new functionality, or to correct sync errors.

To refresh the sync configuration, there are two options:

Option 1: Remove and re-create the sync configuration.

Option 2: Override First Sync Safety.

Option 1

Applies to Riva Insight Cloud and Riva Insight On-Premise.

To remove and re-create the sync configuration (Windows Add-In only):

  1. In Outlook, navigate to File >  About Riva Insight.
  2. On the Riva Insight:: About menu, ensure that Basic Mode is disabled. Select Show Advanced Configuration, then select Remove Sync Configuration. If prompted, select OK, and close Outlook.

  3. Wait three sync cycles, then launch Outlook. Go to File > About Riva Insight. On the Riva Insight:: About menu, select Show Advanced Configuration.
  4. Ensure that the following settings are present:
  • Processing Category: set per module type
  • Create New Email Folder Path: /CRM/- Create New Email

Option 2

For Riva Insight Cloud, contact the Riva Success Team.

For Riva Insight On-Premise, perform an Override First Sync Safety on all users.

Caution: The Override First Sync Safety re-init should only be performed on users who are currently syncing without error. We recommend contacting the Riva Success Team for assistance with this re-init option. Improper use of this procedure may result in Lost and Found folders, or data loss/duplication for the affected user.

Additionally, DO NOT USE this re-init option if a mailbox has been renamed.



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