Riva Insight 2020.5: Release Notes

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Server version: 2020.5     Which version do I have?
Client versions: Outlook Web add-in:
square bullet with no indent to its leftThe Outlook Web Add-in does not have a version.
square bullet with no indent to its leftIt does not need to be updated to take advantage of the Riva Insight Server enhancements.

Outlook Windows add-in:
square bullet with no indent to its leftWhich version do I have?
square bullet with no indent to its leftIn order to benefit from Riva Insight's latest enhancements and improvements, we recommend using the same version of Outlook Windows add-in as the Insight Server.
square bullet with no indent to its leftWe do not recommend upgrading the add-in to a version that is higher than the Riva Insight Server, as we cannot guarantee it would be compatible.
Release date: December 22, 2020
Cloud customers: Riva Insight services were upgraded on 2020-12-22 (December 22).
On-Premise customers: For an upgrade package and to schedule an upgrade, contact the Riva Success Team.

Note: The Riva Insight On-Premise requirements were changed in Riva Insight 2020.4.
Free-Trial (14).png Riva Insight Cloud is available as a free 15-day trial.


What's New in This Release

Updates for Riva Insight Server and Both Riva Insight Outlook Add-Ins

The following updates apply to the Riva Insight Server and both Riva Insight Outlook Add-ins.

Track in CRM

This release provides three new functionalities and two enhancements.

New! Message fields and the Event Type field:

  • On the screen shot, you can see a sample message field in the orange box.
  • The Event Type field is displayed in the red box.
Riva-Insight--Track-in-CRM--Message-and-Event-Type-fields (2).png

Message fields:

  • Your organization can now use read-only messages in Track in CRM to provide the end users with instructions, best practices, tips etc. that they can refer to when filling out Track in CRM fields.
  • The message fields don't have a border, even though they are sometimes called information boxes.
  • By default, standard Riva messages are configured to be displayed.
    • Your company's Riva Insight admin can hide message fields in the Riva Insight Settings window, specifically on the CRM Modules tab.
    • To configure custom messages, contact the Riva Success Team.

Event Type field:

  • Salesforce only.
  • In the Event Type field of Riva Insight, the end users can now select whether the item is a meeting or an appointment.
  • Your company's Riva Insight admin can add this field to Track in CRM here: Riva Insight Settings > CRM Modules > Appointment > Summary View and/or Detailed View.


New! Free-form entries in drop-down fields:

  • If a CRM field supports adding options, the corresponding Track in CRM drop-down field can be configured to let end users enter their own wording into the field if they cannot find an adequate drop-down choice.

Enhancement! Simpler data entry for URLs:

Enhancement for tracking items that have already been tracked and synced:

  • When Track in CRM detects that an end user wants to track an item that has been tracked and synced, it loads the latest version of the record from CRM before the item can be tracked again. In previous versions, the record was loaded from the email system, which could have resulted in tracking stale information if the item had been changed in the CRM in the meantime.
  • Limitation: The change has been made for standard meetings but not recurring meetings.

Context view

The Riva Insight context view is also known as the Insight panel. it is the display of read-only information from the CRM after an end user selects an item in Outlook or uses the Riva Insight Search field to find a record in the CRM.

This release provides two new functionalities for context view.

Increased configuration abilities for your organization's Riva Insight admins:

  • The Riva Insight admin settings window displays new fields on the Mail Modules tab, specifically on the Detailed View page:

    • other types (like related items); and
    • for the Appointment module, the Attendee List.
  • On the tab, the admin can configure fields by dragging and dropping their names:
    • To hide a field, drag and drop it below the Unassigned heading.
    • To show a hidden (unassigned) field, drag and drop it below another heading.
    • To specify the location of a field in context view, drag and drop it above or below another visible field.

New! Support for the Salesforce Event Type field:

  • By default, the Event Type field is displayed in context view.
  • Your company's Riva Insight admin can configure it to be hidden, as described above.

Updates Specific to the Outlook Web Add-In

Temporary removal of Track and Send:

  • When the Riva Insight Outlook Web Add-in is used in an Outlook desktop client, it will not support Track and Send until further notice.
    We also removed Track and Send in the Riva Insight 2020.4 Hotfix.
    The Hotfix release notes provide a complete description of the issue and its cause, solution, workaround, and status.

New! Support for recurring meetings:

  • The Web Add-in now supports recurring meetings. (Until now, they were supported only in the Windows Add-in.).

Updates Specific to Riva Insight On-Premise

Fixed defects:

  • Defects that sometimes occurred when Windows AD authentication for Riva Insight failed:
    • The authentication dialog box was presented over and over again.
    • The only way to disconnect from Riva Insight was to close Outlook.
  • Fix: Riva Insight now has a highly visible Login with Windows AD button.
  • Action required on your part: From now on, to log in with Windows AD authentication, click Login with Windows AD.
  • Expected result: The login is successful, but if Windows AD authentication fails, a proper error message is issued and the defective behaviours listed above no longer occur.

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