Riva On-Premise 2.4.54 Release Notes (2019.04.24)

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These release notes provide a quick overview of what is new in the following release:

Release version:
Release date: 2019.04.24
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What's New in This Release

Learn about the latest features and user experience improvements for Riva On-Premise.

CRM-Specific Updates


  • Conversation Capture: Enhanced email conversation tracking
    Supported for
    • These Salesforce modules: Opportunity, Case, Contract (=Contract, not Contacts), Account;
    • Exchange and Office 365;
    • Normal emails and Salesforce enhanced emails; and
    • Track in CRM.
    Powered by
    • the Riva Conversation Capture Managed Package, available in Salesforce.
    Implemented as
    • Riva's proprietary Conversations module in your instance of Salesforce.
    How a conversation is synced to Salesforce:
    • An Outlook conversation is synced to Salesforce as a conversation object available in the Conversations module.
    • The Salesforce conversation object contains all of the conversation's emails and their attachments.
    • For every follow-up email in the conversation, only the most recent portion of the email body and its attachments are included, not the entire body.
      • If someone's Outlook is set to attach the previous message instead of including it in the body, that attachment is not synced.
    • Attachments are available on the conversation object, not on the individual emails.
    • Relationships:
      • A new conversation object is related to an opportunity, case, contract (contract, not contact), or account.
      • All of the conversation emails are related to the conversation object.
    For more information, see Conversation Capture: Advanced email syncing to Salesforce.

Dynamics CRM

  • Fixed defect:
    In Dynamics CRM, the Regarding field was set to the contact instead of the account.
    • In Riva's connection to Dynamics,
      • Near the top of the Attendee Syncing page, this check box was cleared: "Inherit settings from SmartConvert".
      • On the Attendee Syncing page, under Advanced Options, this check box was selected: "Assign to Account of matched Contacts".
    • In Outlook, a user would send an appointment inviting a contact that existed in Dynamics CRM.
    • Expected result: In Dynamics, the appointment's Regarding field would be set to the account.
    • Actual, defective result: In Dynamics, the Regarding field was set to the contact.
    Now, as expected, in Dynamics, the appointment's Regarding field is set to the account.
  • UI improvement:
    Background: The ability introduced in Riva 2.4.53, to sync a non-CRM-contact in the To field to the CRM without creating a contact, had to be configured with an advanced option.
    Now, it can be configured by selecting a check box in the Dynamics 2011+ connection edit window.
    Specifically, on the Options page, the check box to select is Appointment: Add unmatched attendee email address.


  • Deleting an Outlook contact is now synced as clearing the Sync to Email Client check box:
    Previous behaviour: In a very specific configuration, when a contact was deleted in Outlook, it was deleted in Sugar.
    Now, when a contact is deleted in Outlook, it is not deleted in Sugar. Instead, the contact's Sync to Mail Client check box is cleared in Sugar. The contact is retained in Sugar and will not be synced back to Exchange or Office 365 unless the Sync to Mail Client check is re-selected in Sugar.
  • See the Fixed defect in Sugar sync to Exchange or Office 365.

Email-Specific Updates

Exchange and Office 365

  • Fixed defect:
    An email address that was deleted in CRM was correctly removed from one Outlook field but still appeared in another.
    • A contact in CRM had multiple email addresses and one was deleted in CRM.
    • Expected results in Outlook, on the Contact tab: The deleted email address would be removed from both the Email drop-down field and the Display As field.
    • Actual result: It was removed from the Email field but still appeared in the Display As field.
    Now, the deleted email address is removed from both Outlook fields.
  • Fixed defect in Sugar sync to Exchange or Office 365:
    When a lead was converted to a contact in Sugar, the contact was created in Exchange or Office 365 but the lead was not removed from Exchange or Office 365.
    Now, in Exchange or Office 365, the contact is created and the lead is removed.
  • See Deleting an Outlook contact is now synced as clearing the Sync to Email Client check box.

Enhanced Connection Tests

  • Ability to encrypt the results of a connection test with a certificate and save the results as an .xml file:
    After running a test, selecting Save with Encryption opens the Select Certificate dialog box. The results are saved in an .xml file.
    The .xml file can be viewed without having to be on the Connection Test page of the Riva Manager application.
    The certificate does not need to be the same as the certificate used for the connection.
    If the certificate is missing when attempting to view the file, an error message box appears.

Enhanced Logging

User Experience Enhancements for Admins

  • An easier way to temporarily restrict the sync to one or a few users:
    Possible purpose:
     Testing a sync configuration change on a few test accounts.

    Background: In previous versions, a cumbersome process was required.
    Now, a right-click in the sync policy opens a window where you can enter the only users you want to sync for the time being.
    For instructions and a known issue, see Sync only one or a few Riva users.
  • New for the Limited Resync re-init option. A more intuitive way to set the advanced options that are required for Limited Resync:
    Previously, the advanced options for Limited Resync had to be copied and pasted manually on the Advanced Options page of the sync policy.
    Now, after Limited Resync is selected, one-click brings up two lists to select the advanced options. See Limited Resync in Riva 2.4.54.



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