Outlook Freezes and/or Crashes With Riva Insight Windows Add-in - Potential Solutions

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Applies to Riva Insight Cloud & On-Premise, when using the Windows add-in for Outlook.


Some customers have reported that when the Riva Insight Windows add-in for Outlook is installed, Outlook may stop responding to user input (freeze), or spontaneously restart (crash). 

For guidance on troubleshooting freezing or crashing in Outlook when the Insight Windows add-in is installed, see Riva Insight Troubleshooting Artifacts.

Strongly recommended: Include a crash dump from the affected end user's workstation when submitting a support request.

Potential Causes

Known causes of Outlook freezing/crashing when the Insight Windows add-in is installed include:

  1. Problems with the WebView2 runtime:
    1. WebView2 is not present on the affected end user's machine, or Insight can't find its install path;
    2. There are problems with the specific runtime version present;
    3. The Insight add-in version is out of date (it contains an older version of the required WebView2 libraries that is not compatible with the WebView2 runtime on the user's machine).
  2. Outlook reports that the Riva Insight add-in caused it to switch folders slowly;
  3. High memory usage on the affected end user's workstation;
  4. Other environmental issues not related to Riva Insight


Problems with the WebView2 runtime

Background information: 

Scenario 1: If WebView2 is not present on the affected end user's machine, or Insight can't find WebView2's install path, an error may appear in Insight user logging:

ERROR [ 1] [(null)] IsWebView2Installed, Unexpected error.
System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'WebView2Loader.dll': The specified module could not be found. 

To resolve Scenario 1

  1. Install and configure the latest version of WebView2 on affected end users' workstations as per the directions.
  2. Upgrade the Insight Windows add-in to 2023.1 or above.

Scenario 2: If the installed version of WebView2 on the end user's workstation is below version 114.0.1823.42, it may be affected by a bug that was fixed by Microsoft.

To resolve Scenario 2:

  1.  Follow the directions at Outlook Windows Freezing with the Windows Add-in Client (Edge WebView2 version 1.14).

Scenario 3: If the Insight Windows add-in is an older version, it may not be compatible with a later version of the WebView2 runtime.

To resolve Scenario 3:

  1. Upgrade the Insight Windows add-in to 2023.1 or above.

    Note: The Insight server version should be no more than two versions behind the add-in; if necessary, upgrade Insight Server.

Add-in causes Outlook to switch folders slowly

Background information: (Microsoft) Outlook add-in warnings.

Outlook may display the following message for Riva Insight in File > Manage COM Add-ins > Slow and Disabled Add-ins:

This add-in caused Outlook to switch folders slowly. As a result, it was disabled.

This is expected if the Insight add-in is running for the first time (initialization), or if the end user is switching between Outlook folders before Insight is fully loaded.

If the message is displayed when neither of those conditions are present, the next step is to look at the end user's machine performance.

High memory usage on end user workstation

To diagnose, check Task Manager on the affected end user's workstation and determine which apps are consuming too much memory.

If this step does not reveal the cause, see Riva Insight Troubleshooting Artifacts to gather information, then contact the Riva Success Team.

Other environmental issues

For more information, see Outlook not responding error or Outlook freezes when you open a file or send mail (Microsoft Knowledge Base).

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