Riva On-Premise 2.4.38 (2014.11.22) - Release Notes

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These release notes provide a quick overview of the major enhancements and fixes included in the following release:

Release version:
Release date: 2014.11.22
Latest Hotfix: (2015.10.23)
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One Knowledge Base article is still pending for this release. It is referred to as "[Article title]" (available soon).

Highlights of Top-Level Changes Included in 2.4.38

This release includes the following top-level enhancements:

Quick Links to Changes Included in This Release

Changes to the Riva Manager Application

  • Riva does not start on Windows 2012: Riva installed on Windows 2008R2 or Windows 2012 without .NET 3.5.1 but with .NET 4.5 will not start. Riva requires .NET 4.5 to support connections for Salesforce (by using TLS 1.1 or 1.2), Google Apps, or SAP Cloud for customers. A new startup option can be added to Riva .config files to force Riva to use .NET 4.5 support. Learn more ... How to configure Riva On-Premise for .NET 4.5

Changes to the Riva CRM Service Monitor Application

  • No changes for this release.

Changes to Riva Sync Policies

Changes to the Riva sync policy for Exchange

  • Implemented default MaxAgeForDeletion options for SnapShot polling: Implemented default 30-day limits for syncing deletions of calendar items when syncing from the CRM to Exchange or vice-versa. If a user deletes a calendar item that is over 30 days old, Riva will ignore it and not sync a deletion. Learn more ... Default custom options for max age for syncing deletes.
  • Sync policy option supports Outlook contact links for calendars and tasks: Added check box items to support the Outlook "Contact Link" feature for supported CRMs. Learn more ... Calendaring & tasks - related details - using the "Contact Link" feature.

    contact-link-feature (1).png

Changes to the Riva policy for IBM Notes

  • No changes for this release.

Changes for the Riva Sync policy for GroupWise

  • No changes for this release.

Changes to CRM Connections or the Sync Policy

  • Added "Enable SSL" option to Email Notification: Added an "Enable SSL" option with a drop-down list that allows this to be set to "Enabled", "Disabled" or "Inherit/Default". Learn more ... Set the Enable SSL option for the email notification feature.
    SyncPolicy-EmailNotification-SSLOptions-38 (1).png
  • Custom option to allow syncing CRM contact updates when assigned Accounts are changed in the CRM: Previously, if a user changed the assigned account for a CRM contact, Riva would not sync that change and would later update the assigned account to revert it back to the previous setting. The default handling has been modified, and a custom option has been provided to permit syncing the change of assigned accounts for CRM contact records. Learn more ... Custom option to reset company name if CRM contact assigned to a different account.
  • Adjusted default email sync to use "Relate to All on Match": For SmartConvert, Inbox, and Sent Items, changed the default behaviour so that when multiple matches are found per recipient, Riva relates to all matched.
  • Added SmartConvert processing option to not add "- Create New" folders in user mailboxes: For SmartConvert, Inbox, and Sent Items, added a processing option to hide "- Create new" folders in user mailboxes. Learn more ... Configure a sync policy for Exchange and Notes (subsection "Hide 'Create New ...' folders").

    smart-convert-hide-create-new-folders (1).png

CRM-Specific Enhancements and Fixes

1CRM (formerly Info@Hand)

  • No changes for this release.
  • Future updates for info@hand will be listed under this heading.


Infor CRM (formerly SalesLogix)

  • No changes for this release.
  • Future updates for SalesLogix will be listed under this heading.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Oracle CRM On Demand

  • Use new web services API total auto queries default contacts book: Converted Oracle CRM On Demand connection to use a new web services 2.0 API that auto queries the default contacts book so that Riva filters contacts based on the default book assigned to the user.
  • Oracle On Demand - change default for sessionless connection: Modified Riva so that sessionless connections are always used by default and the option check box is selected by default.
  • Fixed bug: The owner of a CRM-originating appointment was changed to an attendee during an Exchange to CRM sync for the attendee: Added fix for the following bug. If the appointment was created in the CRM and was synced to each attendee, in each attendee's Exchange calendar, the owner was the organizer - so far, so good. However, when Riva synced back, it took the Organizer field and changed the owner in CRM. As part of the fix, the OwnerID will not be changed, unless that value is NULL.


  • Salesforce: CRM connection will check for "Modify All Data" permission: When configured for "Standard Impersonation", the Riva CRM connector for Salesforce now checks to ensure that the "Modify All Data" permission has been assigned to the Riva connection user.
  • Salesforce: Added support for recurring tasks: Added support for syncing recurring Salesforce tasks to Exchange.
  • Salesforce: Bug Fix: Riva used to strip the "+" characters in Office 365 appointments: Fixed the issue that '+' characters in Office 365 appointment bodies were being stripped by Riva when syncing to appointments in Salesforce.
  • Salesforce: Enable Riva to match multiple types of Salesforce licensed users: Added a check box option list in the Salesforce connection to select the types of Salesforce users that Riva will filter recipient matching against. Learn more ... License type filtering.

    user-filter-by-license-matching (2).png
  • Salesforce: Modified CRM connection to use login.salesforce.com as default: Salesforce has announced that effective Jan 1, 2016, API connections will not be able to resolve www.salesforce.com in connections. Modified Riva Salesforce connection to automatically use login.salesforce.com. Requires Riva Learn more ... Riva's provision for: www.salesforce.com API endpoint will be retired on January 1, 2016.
  • Feature: Syncing contact photos between Salesforce and Exchange or Notes: Added a set of custom options that can be applied to the CRM connection or sync policy to enable the syncing of contact photos. Learn more ... Salesforce: How to enable syncing of contact photos.


  • Riva can now cache the Sugar version for each user for 24 hours: I added a default option to cache the Sugar version and flavour for each user instead of querying for that info during each sync poll. The default duration of the cache is 24 hours. If this needs to be set to a different value, contact the Riva Success Team.
  • Sugar: Raised the default query batch size when SnapShot Polling is enabled: If SnapShot Polling is enabled, raised the default query batch size to 256 items per batch. If performance issues are experienced, contact the Riva Success Team to reset that to a different value.
  • Bug Fix: If Snapshot Polling was enabled, all appointments were deleted for intelecrm and Sugar versions earlier than 6: Fix added to ensure that Riva does not remove all appointments for intelecrm and SugarCRM versions earlier than 6.x if Riva Snapshot Polling is enabled in the sync policy.
  • Riva supports new URL syntax for contact records: Sugar 6 view for contacts is http://myserver/index.php?action=DetailView&module=Contacts&record=97f8a10b-de53-45a5-e717-53a1b27a37d0. Riva senses connecting to Sugar 7.2+ and reverts to using the new URL syntax for CRM contact records: http://myserver/#Contacts/2df49c58-273f-9459-ddfa-52ddd10fe9fe.

Email-System-Specific Enhancements

Exchange/Outlook-specific connections, enhancements, and fixes

  • Autodetect in HTML appointment bodies is now used according to the Exchange version: Configured Riva to autodetect the version of Exchange, and if it detects Exchange 2013 SP1 (CU4 or CU5), it applies custom options to ensure that the body (description) field for contacts and calendar items are written from the CRM to Exchange so that the items are visible in Outlook. The bug used to be that the description field (notes field) was visible for those items in OWA, on mobile devices, and in the Message column, but not when the item was opened and viewed in Outlook. If you encounter that issue, upgrade Riva to, and perform a Re-init Resync on address books and calendars (as required).
  • Added advanced connection tests to EWS connection: Added Poll Changes test and Get By Id Test connection tests on the EWS connection to enable Riva support teams to run more specific diagnostic tests when working with customers.
  • Confirm the "Organizer" field when creating appointments via delegation: Confirmed that if an administrative assistant creates an appointment by accessing the manager's calendar via delegation, the manager is displayed as the "Organizer" in EWS. This is important because Riva uses the Organizer field to determine who wins in conflict scenarios.
  • BugFix: Riva used to strip the "+" character in Office 365 appointments: Fixed the issue that '+' characters in Office 365 appointment bodies were stripped by Riva when syncing to appointments in Salesforce.
  • Custom options to filter tasks based on the due date: Added custom options to filter tasks based on the task's due date. Learn more ... Min due dates (Tasks).
  • Custom option for Riva to sync appointment deletion if the appointment is marked "Private" in the email: Added custom option where marking an appointment private causes it to be deleted from the CRM. Learn more ... Custom option to sync calendar delete to the CRM for calendar items marked in email as "Private".
  • Custom option to filter items based on minimum create date (for "Line in the Sand"): Added custom options to filter items based on a minimum create date in either direction. Options can be set at the module level. Learn more ... Min create dates.

IBM-Notes-specific connections, enhancements, and fixes

  • Added Preferred Authentication Mode option in Domino/Notes connection editor: Added a Preferred Authentication Mode drop-down option to select "Default, Session-based" or "HttpAuth-based". Learn more ... To test the IBM Notes connection.

  • Added Advanced Connection Tests to IBM Notes connection: Added Poll Changes test and Get By Id Test connection tests on the IBM Notes connection to allow Riva support teams to run more specific diagnostic tests when working with customers.
  • Bug Fix: Notes: Attachment retrieval failed when the "%" character was present in the file name: Fixed Riva so that it now reads attachment file names that contain valid wildcard characters including &^#a$~!@%*(+)_
  • Bug Fix: Notes: Only the first instance was declined when an attendee declined a recurring series: Added a fix to ensure that when a user declines an entire recurring series, all items in the series are synced.
  • Notes: Added support for treating CRM calendar deletes as cancellations: If the "Treat calendar deletes as cancellations" on the Calendar tab of the sync policy, Riva proceeds as follows: (1) For "My" appointment in Notes, Riva updates the Appointment document to make it "Cancelled by Me", and (2) For Invitee's appointments in Notes: Riva generates and adds a new Notice document of Type "C" (= cancelled), which simulates a "cancellation by the organizer".
  • Bug Fix: Notes: Email, cases, and opportunities were not syncing to mobile devices via Traveller sync: The bug was that Traveller was not syncing email, cases, opportunities, etc. to mobile devices because the DeliveredDate field was not being set. The bug fix ensures that the DeliveredDate field is set to the date or time that Riva syncs the item.
  • Fix for outgoing emails that were returned to the Inbox after being converted: Added fix to correct issue whereby Riva processed a sent email and then moved the processed sent email from an email drop folder to the Inbox instead of the Sent Items folder.

GroupWise-specific connections, enhancements, and fixes

  • Bug Fix: GroupWise appointments were duplicated back to GroupWise: Fixed the issue that Riva would sync a calendar item creation from GroupWise to CRM when the only match was to the system user, and Riva would create a duplicate calendar item back in GroupWise on the next sync poll.
  • Bug Fix: CRM phone call syncs 24 hours early into GroupWise: Added a fix so that CRM phone calls are now synced to the correct date and time in the GroupWise calendar.

Changes to the Riva Server or Sync Workflow

  • Bug Fix: Deleting accounts from CRM did not clear the contact-to-account mapping stored by Riva: Explanation of the bug: Riva recorded the contact-to-parent account relationship - so far, so good. If you subsequently deleted an account (but not the contact), this mapping was never cleared from the metadata. If the contact was subsequently updated in Exchange when it synced again, Riva used this mapping to relate the contact to the deleted account, resulting in errors. Example error: Matched Organization via domain: Belzberg. Error - Error occurred updating item: [ENTITY_IS_DELETED] entity is deleted -- : Ian Sample ref:8RSE6C2KP4X. Applied a fix so that if the account is removed in from the CRM, Riva does not report the error.
  • Extended time format to accept ":" and "." characters - Modified Riva to accept both ":" and "." characters as acceptable time formats.
  • Delete safety custom options to skip deletes caught in filter: Added custom options to disable the deletion of items in either direction. Options can be configured at the module level. Learn more ... Options to skip detected deletions for specific modules.
  • Riva extended to support email addresses that have + or ' around them. Riva now recognizes the 'name@domain.com' and +name@domain.com+ formats.
  • Performance improvement: Riva handles large delete polls more efficiently: Riva can now process large delete polls in a batch that reduces IO and resolves slow performance issues.
  • Custom options to prevent processor threads from hanging indefinitely and raise a critical event: Added custom options to enable a watchdog process that watches the processor threads to ensure that they eventually time out and raise a critical Windows event error that can be picked up by Riva Enterprise Notification. Learn more ... Custom options to prevent processor threads from hanging indefinitely.

Special Options That Can Be Enabled by Riva Professional Services

This release of Riva includes special options that only Riva Professional Services can enable and configure. To request any of the following features, contact the Riva Success Team:

  • Implement subscription-based attendee syncing options: Modified subscription mode attendee syncing whereby when an appointment is created, the entire attendee list, users, and contacts can be created, but on updates, we adhere to the subscription model of "my status" only syncing. This prevents unwanted updates to CRM calendar items when attendees cancel, delete, or update their status or forward a meeting invite to another invitee. Contact the Riva Success Team if you need assistanceLearn more ... Implement subscription-based attendee syncing (available soon).
  • EWS connection custom option to enable Trace Logging: A custom option can be applied to enable web service trace info for troubleshooting. Used by the Riva Success Team to diagnose EWS issues. To apply the custom option, contact the Riva Success Team.
  • Salesforce: Custom option to enable event relations after users have started syncing calendars: Upgrading to event relations after users have been syncing with shared activities enabled, but event relations disabled will cause "multi-whos" to sync as attendees. To obtain a custom option to prevent this from happening, contact Riva support.

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