Riva On Premise 2.4.35 (2013.11.19) - Release Notes

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These release notes provide a quick overview of the major enhancements and fixes included in the following release:

Release version:
Release date: 2013.11.19
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Riva On-Premise server is available for a free 15-day trial. 


Highlights of Riva On-Premise 2.4.35

Changes to Riva Sync Policies

Changes to Riva Sync Policy for Exchange

Changes to Riva Policy for IBM Notes

  • Added support for IBM Notes in Exchange sync policy - Modified the standard Exchange sync policy to allow adding users using an IBM Notes connection.  

Changes to CRM Connections / Sync Policy

  • Custom Options Window Displays Connection Name - The CRM connection "Custom Options" form will display the connection name in the title bar of the window.
  • Custom option so first polls of calendar/task items are based on modified date - Added a custom option to modify the default first sync behaviour for calendar and task items to use "modified date" instead of default "start date".  Originally developed for GoldMine GISME to Riva transition projects as a means to minimize the chances of creating duplicate calendars and task items.  This option can be used for any CRM Sync Plug-in to Riva transition project.  Learn more ... How to configure Riva first sync to handle previously synced environments
  • Custom Option to leave folder items as marked as read after syncing them - Advanced custom option to mark all new modules (applies to Opportunities, Cases, etc) folder items as read instead of the default unread.  Learn more ... Custom option to flag new Riva quick summary emails as read after syncing them
  • Custom Option to save .EML Mime email attachment with the subject name of the email.  Added a custom option that will save the .EML attachment with the same name as that of the email instead of using OriginalMessage.eml.  Learn more ... Email processing option: Sync the original MIME email as an .EML attachment in the CRM

CRM Specific Enhancements / Fixes


  • GoldMine connection option to support user Exchange timezone settings - Added custom option for GoldMine connection to add support for individual user Exchange timezone settings to ensure that there is not a time offset issue for calendar items created in GoldMine and synced to Exchange appearing in different time slot in Outlook than originally scheduled in GoldMine.  Learn more ... Custom GoldMine connection option to support user Exchange timezone settings


  • Completed successful sync tests for info@hand 7.0 and 7.1.

MS Dynamics CRM

  • Bug fix: Syncing appointment from Dynamics 2011 to Exchange, the timezone in Outlook shows as Rejkavic - Fixed bug if Riva is syncing updates for calendar items from MS Dynamics 2011 to Exchange 2010, the timezone in Outlook for the calendar item is changed to show Rejkavic, Iceland.
  • Custom option to "Delete contact should remove connection" - Added custom option so if the user deletes synced contacts from Outlook/Exchange and someone modifies the contact in the CRM, Riva will not sync a new copy of the contact back to the user that deleted the Exchange contact. Learn more ... Custom option to not resync deleted Exchange contacts
  • Added new MSCRM 2011 Connection (Technology Preview) - Added new MSCRM 2011 connection for RU 11+ that supports the new XRM connection/authentication methods.  This connection wizard replaces the legacy connection that no longer works if MSCRM 2011 is updated to Rollup 11 or higher.  Learn more ... Create a Riva XRM-based connection to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 & 2013
  • Custom options to enable the "contact link" feature for MSCRM 2011 - Added app.setting custom options to the .config file to enable syncing "regarding" contact field in MSCRM are synced to the "Related Contacts" field in Outlook.  Learn more ... Custom option to enable the "contact link" feature for MSCRM 2011
  • Added multiple contact sync filter options to MSCRM 2011 connection - Added pre-defined contact sync filters (create, update, and delete).  Learn more ... Configure contact filter options


MS Dynamics NAV (Navision)

  • NAV: Implemented email archiving and drop folder AssignTo - Added SmartConvert and AssignTo email archiving features for MS Dynamics NAV (Navision).


  • Notice - NetSuite: Impersonation matches check fails because email match check is case sensitive - Discovered that impersonation match for an email address are case sensitive.  The email address must match exactly between the Exchange SMTP reply-to email address value and the NetSuite user name.
  • Bug fix for NetSuite contact duplicated second address line - Bug fixed to ensure that when contact is synced from Outlook/Exchange to NetSuite, the second line of the address is not duplicated in the NetSuite created contact record.

Oracle CRM On-Demand


  • Added a new tab "Advanced Mapping" on Salesforce connection UI to map ID fields between Salesforce and Exchange - Added support for mapping event GlobalObjectId (for appointment items) and MessageId, ThreadId, and ConversationId (for email items).  Added "Advanced mapping" tab in Salesforce connection to provide UI to define mappings. Learn more ... Configure Advanced Mappings in Salesforce Connections
  • Riva default for Salesforce impersonation user match - If the option "During impersonation, look up user's login username based on email address", Riva will match against the Salesforce username, then against the primary email address value. Learn more ... Configure impersonation username-matching
  • Bug fix: All-Day Appointments across time zones are synced to the wrong day in Salesforce - Bug fix for all day appointments to correct if the user's local time is west of the organizer's local time, the appointment will end up on a wrong day in Salesforce
  • Limitation:  Salesforce cannot sync emails matched to leads - Salesforce does not allow creating a task item that has a "Who" that is a lead.  This prevents SmartConvert from matching email addresses to Salesforce leads.
  • Extended Salesforce connection custom URL to support sandbox and custom ports - the custom URL in the Salesforce connection can now support connections to sandbox instances and using non-standard TCP ports.
  • Bug fix: Syncing older items from Exchange to Salesforce causes them to be deleted in Exchange - Riva will now skip appointment deletions in CRM to Exchange direction if the item is older than 30 days.
  • Bug fix:  InvalidOperationException deleting calendar item in Salesforce - Bug fix to handle calendar deletion error:  "Error occurred deleting item: Nullable object must have a value".
  • Custom option to make Who contacts in Salesforce additive only - Added custom option so that Outlook contacts in event the "related contacts" list is synced to Salesforce as an additive only.  If the user removes a linked contact in Outlook, that contact is not removed from the corresponding event in Salesforce.  Learn more ... Salesforce custom option to set related contacts on events as additive only 
  • Bug fix: Reminder is Set to the Wrong time for Recurring All Day Meetings - Fixed issue when Riva synced recurring all-day meetings with invitees in different time zones, Riva would sync reminders for the meeting to Salesforce and show the earlier time warning for all invitees.  This issue only occurred with recurring appointments originating in Outlook.
  • Bug fix to handle InvalidOperationException deleting calendar item in Salesforce - Add fix to handle the sync error " Error occurred deleting item: Nullable object must have a value."


  • Bug fixes: Home/Alternate address field updates not syncing from Exchange to Sugar - add various fixes to ensure that contact updates in Exchange sync to corresponding Sugar contact records by fixing the mapping of Exchange "Home" fields to Sugar "Alternate" fields.
  • Bug fix: Failed sync creates CRM attachments over and over - Added a bug fix to prevent Riva from creating multiple copies of the same attachment in the CRM when a sync appointment with an attachment fails.

Email System-Specific Enhancements

Exchange/Outlook Specific Connections / Enhancements / Fixes

  • Custom option to handle matching closed contacts and accounts - Added option to skip closed contacts while searching for matching contacts and accounts for email sync.  Learn more ... Custom option to ignore closed contacts for email and calendar matching
  • Bug fix: to handle EWS sync error [[OE:You must load or assign this property before you can read its value.]] - Bug fix to handle EWS error "Unable to convert the item to object: <Subject title> [[OE:You must load or assign this property before you can read its value.]] ---> Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.ServiceObjectPropertyException: You must load or assign this property before you can read its value."
  • Custom options to treat contacts and appointments assigned a "private" Outlook category as private - Custom options to define Ex categories that users can select to define a contact or appointment as private. Learn more ...  Custom options to assign "private" Outlook category to sync contacts and appointments as private

IBM Notes Specific Connections / Enhancements / Fixes

  • Added new IBM Notes Connection (Technology Preview) - Added a new connection wizard for IBM Notes to support Riva sync between IBM Notes and supported CRMs. 
    Currently, for customers looking to try the Notes integration, we are offering a “white glove” professional services offer. Since Notes customers are traditionally larger deployments, we take security, configuration, and deployment very seriously and want to ensure they are successful the first time. This onboarding service is free and the process we go through for all Notes deployment includes up to three hours of discovery, configuration, installation as well as training on Riva with the objective of having a new customer up and running at the end of those three hours.

  • Added support for contact "formatted" email value - Added support for email fields of Notes contacts that use a "name@fomain" <Description> format. Contact Riva support for additional information.
  • Added Web Proxy Support for the IBM Notes Connection - Added the support for http:// proxy settings derived from IE or the RivaApp.exe.config file.

GroupWise Specific Connections / Enhancements / Fixes

Changes to the Riva Server or Sync Workflow

  • Bug fix: Unable to sync appointments which that use different iCALId formats - Riva is not able to sync appointments that use a non-standard ICal format.  Added support for additional formats or set to automatically skip sync.

Special Options that can be enabled by Omni Professional Services

Special options have been added to Riva in this release that require Omni Professional Services to enable and configure.  Contact the Riva support team to request any of these features:

  • Riva will continue to poll for updates if no changes are detected - Riva polls for items until a maximum number of updates per poll is reached or a maximum number of polls per sync cycle is reached.  Now Riva will continue to poll for changes if the maximum number of polls is reached and no updates have been detected yet.
  • Mailbox Migration Procedures - Added new functionality and procedure to support customers who migrate Exchange mailboxes (MAPI to EWS; mailbox migration between Exchange systems).  The procedure involves a pre-migration scan to prepare Riva transaction records by mapping the CrmId to Exchange transaction items.  After mailboxes are migrated, Riva is configured to perform a post-migration scan to rewrite new messageIDs to Riva transaction records for Exchange items and re-link those items to corresponding CRM items.  Riva can be configured to use a dry-run mode to verify that the procedure is successful without writing changes to the target CRM and Exchange systems. Customers MUST contact Riva support to schedule this work which will involve multiple scheduled appointments to complete.
  • Salesforce:  Added support for multi-attendee event sync from Exchange to Salesforce - Added support for multi-attendee event syncing.  This requires installing a special technology preview version of Riva.  Contact Riva support for assistance in deploying the technology preview version of Riva. 
  • Salesforce: Custom Option to support matching for users for multiple license types - Added custom option to provide a delimited list of supported license types for SmartConvert email addressee matching to CRM users.
  • Use MySQL as transaction database - added app.setting option and database connection to enable recording transaction database to MySQL database.
  • Use MS SQL as transaction database - added app.setting option and database connection to enable recording transaction database to MSSQL database.
  • Custom Options to handle undeleted items being re-deleted by Riva - Added custom options to handle scenarios where an item is undeleted. This allows the item to be resynced if the item in the target still exists, instead of re-deleting the item at the source.  Contact Riva support for assistance with undeleting items that Riva keeps re-deleting.

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